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AHDB Cattle and Sheep Weekly

11 August 2015

AHDB Cattle and Sheep Weekly - 11 August 2015AHDB Cattle and Sheep Weekly - 11 August 2015

Increases seen for the liveweight lamb trade

The lamb trade trended upwards in the past week, despite an increase in throughputs, following three successive weeks of falling prices.

In the week ended 5 August the GB SQQ was up by 13p at 157.6p/kg, just 12p below the level seen in 2014. The largest price increases have come since the start of this week, with the SQQ on Wednesday 5 August up almost 17p on the week at 160.7p/kg.

Some of the reason for this increase could be attributed to the No Lamb Week campaign that has been encouraging producers not to market lambs in the week commencing 3 August. However, in the week ended 5 August throughputs were actually up by four per cent on the previous week, suggesting overall supplies have not been affected by the campaign. This masks a country divide though, with marketings in England up seven per cent, while throughputs in Wales, where the campaign began, were down by two per cent. Despite these regional variations in throughputs, price increases were fairly similar across GB.

One potential way the campaign could have been successful is in raising the public’s awareness of British lamb, creating higher demand and increased scrutiny of sourcing. However, if this is the reason for the upwards trend seen in the trade, it will require sustained high consumer demand to maintain any price increases.

Despite there appearing to be some positivity in the liveweight trade, the deadweight trade continued to fall. In the week ended 1 August, the dw SQQ was down 12p at 327.9p/kg as numbers increased 11 per cent on the week. However, these figures are all from before the start of the No Lamb Week campaign.

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