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USDA National Wool Review

15 June 2015

USDA National Wool Review - 15 June 2015USDA National Wool Review - 15 June 2015

Domestic wool trading on a clean basis was at a moderate this week. There were 519,214 lbs of confirmed trades. Demand is still good. There was high demand for 22 micron wool this week which carried more value than some finer micron wools. Interest in selling wool has still been high. Most of the shearing is coming to close and the majorities of the big wool runs are slowing down. Many will now start to collect small pools that will trade closer to fall as warehouses restock. Currency and is the only real struggle point at this time as the U.S. dollar remains high. Domestic clean wool and confirmed trades are reported on a weighted average basis. Prices reflect trades FOB warehouse in original bag or square pack, bellies out, some graded, and 76 mm or longer. No allowance made for coring, freight or handling fees at the warehouse level to reflect net grower prices (*) indicates new prices this week. (NA) represents microns not normally available in this region. Wools shorter than 75 mm typically discounted .10-.20 clean. Classed and skirted wools usually trade at a .10-.20 premium to original bag prices.

Published by USDA Agricultural marketing Service (AMS)

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