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USDA National Sheep Summary

10 February 2015

USDA National Sheep Summary - 10 February 2015USDA National Sheep Summary - 10 February 2015

Weekly Trends: Compared to last week slaughter lambs were steady to 5.00 lower, instances 10.00-20.00 lower at New Holland, PA. Slaughter ewes were steady. Feeder lambs were steady. At San Angelo, TX 2609 head sold in a one day sale. No sales in Equity Electronic Auction. In direct trading slaughter ewes and feeder lambs not tested. 4300 head of negotiated sales of slaughter lambs under 170 lbs were steady, over 170 lbs were weak and 9600 head of formula sales of carcasses under 65 lbs were not well tested; 65-95 lbs were steady to 2.00 higher and over 95 lbs were weak. 5,385 lamb carcasses sold with 45 lbs and down 13.24 higher; 45-55 lbs 5.50 higher; 55-65 lbs 1.19 higher and 65 lbs and up 1.20-2.10 lower. All sheep sold per hundred weight (CWT) unless otherwise specified.

Published by USDA Agricultural marketing Service (AMS)

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