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Sheep Industry News: Mexico

17 August 2016
Crop Industry News from Mexico Ear Tag Measuring Vital Signs Aims to Improve Livestock Productivity
MEXICO - A young Mexican graduate has developed an ear tag for livestock that measures the vital signs of the animal to identify early stages of disease....
08 October 2015
Crop Industry News from Mexico Mexico Increases Global Agricultural Exports
MEXICO - In the period from January to July 2015 the value of food exports from Mexico to the European Union totalled 581.6 million euros, an increase of 22.6 per cent on the same period last...
23 July 2015
Crop Industry News from Mexico Breakthrough Means Mexicans Can Inject Against Deadly Parasite
MEXICO – Mexican livestock producers concerned about liver fluke now have a water soluble injectable drug at their disposal....
21 July 2015
Crop Industry News from Mexico Mexico, France Strengthen Agricultural Ties
MEXICO - Mexico and France have signed important agreements to enhance their collaboration on agricultural matters....
24 June 2015
Crop Industry News from Mexico America Backs Mexican Meat Quality, Safety
MEXICO – Mexico is offering food and safety programmes that have boosted consumer confidence and certainty, a US Department of Agriculture official has said....
28 May 2015
Crop Industry News from Mexico Sheep Insemination Success Reduces Import Dependence
MEXICO – Mexican sheep imports have fallen over 80 per cent, something the government is linking to a rise in artificial insemination and higher productivity. ...
23 March 2015
Crop Industry News from Mexico Mexico to Advance Genetic Improvement of Livestock
MEXICO – The productive potential of livestock in Mexico will be developed through genetics across all species, especially goats, using new technologies....
05 January 2015
Crop Industry News from Mexico Government Insemination Programme to Reach 25,000 Farms
MEXICO – A national artificial insemination programme promises to lift the quality of stock and breeding techniques in Mexico, says the agriculture ministry....

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