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19 August 2014
Viet Nam Vets Complete Argentinian Tour
VIET NAM – Two Vietnamese veterinarians have completed a tour of Argentina to learn about foot and mouth disease control and on-going national health efforts in the country....
31 July 2014
Green Party Backs Antibiotic Ban Petition
UK - The Green Party in the UK is calling on members and supporters to sign the petition produced by the Alliance to Save Our Antibiotics, calling for a ban on the routine use of antibiotics...
28 July 2014
Concern Continues Over Potential Residues in Imported Foods
ANALYSIS - Concern is mounting over the threat of veterinary medicine residues in food products imported into the UK, writes Chris Harris....
22 June 2014
Part II: Three Truths about Public’s Perception of Genetic Modification
ANALYSIS - The use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in the American food system is controversial, write Oistein Thorsen and Garret Higgins, both with trie....
14 May 2014
Uruguay Seeks US Access for Bone-in Sheep Meat
URUGUAY - Having succeeded in gaining access for boneless lamb onto the US market, Uruguay is now looking to export bone-in product....
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