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Government Support for Sheep Industry Programme

30 December 2014

CANADA - The Canadian government has granted C$29,700 to the Sheep Producers Association of Nova Scotia to help implement a programme to control parasites and create safe handling systems for sheep.

The Sheep Handling and Parasite Control Programme will help fund fences and handling equipment that will reduce the risk of parasites affecting a flock.

The programme will also fund gates and handling crates to create safe handling systems that improve animal monitoring and will reduce stress on animals and producers.

The Sheep Handling and Parasite Control Programme will be funded under Growing Forward 2, Building Industry Capacity Program, and cost shared 60-40 between the federal and provincial governments.
“Our Government remains committed to investing in innovative projects that improve animal health. Safe handling systems on sheep farms are good for the animals, good for our farmers and good for the industry,” said Canadian Member of Parliament Scott Armstrong (pictured).

“After meeting with the Sheep Producers Association of Nova Scotia, I challenged them to come up with a program that would meet the needs of the industry. This program builds on the research that has been completed and enables industry to maintain healthier flocks for producing top-quality products for Nova Scotians,” said Nova Scotia Agriculture Minister Keith Colwell

“Through a project supported by government, we were able to identify management options to improve health and welfare of the animals.

Clean pastures are a must, especially for lambs. Rotational grazing helps keep animals healthy, and by supporting the handling equipment, shepherds as well as sheep are under less stress,” said Beth Densmore, President, Sheep Producers Association of Nova Scotia


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