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Study Highlights Benefits of Investing in Shearingshed

10 November 2014

AUSTRALIA – Extensive training for shearers and woolhandlers pays off and benefits everyone, a cost-benefit analysis has shown.

Every dollar spent in the shearing shed is worth $2.60 in net present value, according to Australian Wool Innovation Study for the 2012/13 financial year.

This is reflected in the growing enrolment onto AWI shearer and wool handler training courses, up by over 30 per cent on the prior year.

Regularly highlighted by growers as a ‘crucial area’ of onfarm investment, the AWI said that shearing speeds are increasing.

An AWI spokesperson said: “While state and federal governments have invested heavily in certificate courses for students, in-shed on the job training has been found to provide a valuable opportunity to hone skills further for experienced shearers and shedhands alike.”

AWI data shows a 28 sheep per day rise in shearers’ tallies, but at no cost to quality.

Dr Paul Swan, AWI general manager said the training of shearers is central to the organisation’s work.

"Harvesting wool is an iconic Australian activity and involves enormous skill and hard work,” said Dr Swan.

“It is also the culmination of a woolgrowers' annual activity and therefore requires the best possible skill and care.

“Training the shearers and shedhands of today and tomorrow for this task is a central role for AWI."

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