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Uruguay Seeks US Access for Bone-in Sheep Meat

14 May 2014

URUGUAY - Having succeeded in gaining access for boneless lamb onto the US market, Uruguay is now looking to export bone-in product.

Uruguayan president, José Mujica, recently held bilateral talks with the US following a private meeting with president Obama and a luncheon hosted by vice president Joe Biden.

Mr Mujica said that one of the tasks of the mission is to improve the US trade relations, "because the duty of the Government is to open doors where you can."

He said, in this regard, that while Uruguay won access for boneless sheep meat to the United States, the second objective is to export bone-in sheep meat, and negotiations that may last for two or three years have started.

The president that Uruguay must submit a proposal to the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) to show that the meat is disease free without vaccination and that with the bone in the meat there is no risk of contamination or food safety.

He said: "We have an obligation to continue vaccinating and there is scientific certainty that vaccination does not mean there is a danger in the meat."

Another aspect relating to meat market that is being promoted by the Uruguayan government is to achieve certification of natural or organic meat, which implies a recognition that the Uruguayan production does not use hormones or anabolic steroids.

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