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Albanian Bluetongue Outbreak Impacts Cattle, Goats

15 September 2014

ALBANIA - The Albanian veterinary authorities have reported a fresh outbreak of bluetongue at a livestock farm located in Korce.

The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) received an immediate notification last week (Friday, 12 September), stating that the affected population comprises cattle and goats.

According to the report, the outbreak was initially observed on 13 August and confirmed on 25 August after an antibody detection ELISA test was carried out on sheep at the Food Safety and Veterinary Institute. The test resulted positive.

A total of 30 goats were found susceptible to the outbreak. However, no goats have been found to be infected so far. As a result, none of the susceptible animals were slaughtered and/or destroyed.

As for sheep, 250 in total were found showing signs of susceptibility, out of which 25 cases have been reported. Four animals were reportedly found dead. In this case too, none of the animals were slaughtered or destroyed.

Vectors have been found to be the chief cause of the outbreak.

While none of the affected animals have received treatment and vaccination has been prohibited, several other standard control measures such as movement control inside the country, zoning, disinfection of infected premises/establishment(s) and dipping/spraying have been applied.

A further measure to be applied by the OIE, in conjunction with the country's competent authority, is control of arthropods.

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