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Retailer M&S to Extend UK Lamb Sourcing by Six Weeks

05 October 2016

WALES, UK - Marks and Spencer’s announcement that they will be extending their UK sourcing of lamb by a further six weeks in 2017 has been welcomed by NFU Cymru.

This follows a recent meeting of NFU Cymru’s Livestock Board, where Marks and Spencer’s Head of Agriculture and Fisheries, Steve McLean, addressed elected delegates from across Wales.

NFU Cymru Livestock Board Chairman, and beef and sheep farmer, Wyn Evans said: “We are delighted to hear that Marks and Spencer have extended their UK sourcing of lamb. In a time of uncertainty for the farming industry, it is encouraging that Marks and Spencer recognise the quality of Welsh and British lamb.”

Mr McLean said: “Farmers are at the front of the supply chain and it is important to us that their businesses are profitable.

"Our procurement policy is key to our business and its longevity, therefore ensuring good sourcing and maintaining high product standards are key to us as an own brand retailer. Our lamb suppliers are important to us and this is why we have decided to extend our UK sourcing of lamb by a further six weeks in 2017.

“Furthermore we are keen to work with our farmer suppliers to develop more regional sourcing of lamb, which will clearly benefit Welsh farmers.”

Wyn Evans added: “I’d like to thank Mr McLean for providing us with an insight into the work that Marks and Spencer are doing for UK agriculture. It is clear that going forward we must focus on what consumers want and their changing demands, with regards to carcass weights and specifications, because ultimately we want to see more PGI Welsh Lamb and Beef in prominent positions on supermarket shelves.

"We do hope that the extension of UK sourcing of lamb will prove popular for Marks and Spencer and that they will look to move to 100 per cent UK sourcing in the near future.”

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