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Farm Trespass Warning for Pokémon Go Players

01 August 2016

UK - The new mobile app Pokémon Go has become contagious, capturing the public's imagination, but a specialist in real estate and agricultural law has warned that players could find themselves breaking trespass laws.

"For farmers and landowners the situation is likely to be very different with a risk for both the landowner and the trespasser should someone venture onto their land,” said Head of the Agricultural and Landed Estates team at Midlands law firm Lodders, James Spreckley.

“The Country Land and Business Association (CLA) has already received several reports from its members of players trespassing while using their smartphones to play the game.

“Pokémon Go players are warned to stay away from farms and private land. Not only could players be injured by livestock or machinery, they could also face a claim for trespass and even criminal charges.”

The firm advised landowners to ensure signs were up to date and stress the land is private, and improve fencing and security where hazards are identified. 

It also advised players to stick to public rights of way, ensure dogs are kept on leads, and maintain awareness of surroundings at all times.

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