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Sainsbury's to Stock Only British Lamb from July

18 May 2016

UK - One of the big four retailers, Sainsbury’s, has promised to stock its shelves with 100 per cent British lamb from the start of July.

The commitment from July 1 comes as the retailer continues to work with its farmers to increase the availability of quality new season lamb throughout May and June until it is all British.

The announcement follows a move last year to extend the end of the British lamb season until the New Year, making it five weeks longer than the previous year.

Philip Hambling, Agriculture Manager at Sainsbury’s said: “The weather can have a big impact on our sheep farmers so the cool, wet spring we have had means many of these farms have had a difficult start to the year.

“We never stop buying British lamb and we’re pleased to confirm 100 per cent of the lamb we source will be British by the beginning of July, if not sooner. We feel it’s important to make this commitment to our farmers in advance so they can plan for the season ahead.”

NFU chief livestock adviser John Royle said: “We welcome Sainsbury’s announcement to extend the season both with British new season lamb but also extending the season until after Christmas when we still have plentiful supplies of good quality British lamb available.

“Sainsbury’s continue to show that by working with your supply base builds trust and innovation which improves quality and consistency allowing the retailer to extend the period they stock British lamb over imported lamb that has travelled many thousands of miles to reach the British consumer.”

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