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Sheep Farmers Reminded of New Tagging Law

17 November 2015

WALES, UK - NFU Cymru is reminding sheep keepers that from 1 January 2016, the non-electronic slaughter tag will no longer be allowed as the single tagging option to identify lambs intended for slaughter.

At a recent Clwyd NFU Cymru county meeting, Vice-Chairman Paul Williams said: “This is important to remember, not least when re-ordering supplies of tags, as the non-electronic slaughter tags cannot be used to identify lambs from January onwards.

“The tagging options available from January will include full electronic identification for lambs that are kept beyond 12 months of age.

"For breeding or for store and finished hoggets intended for slaughter, but kept beyond 12 months of age and also for lambs intended for live export. An electronic slaughter tag can be used in place of full electronic identification for lambs that are intended to be slaughtered in a UK abattoir, before reaching 12 months of age.

“A further change we need to be aware of is in respect to reporting movements with the expected introduction of EIDCymru. This is the new sheep traceability database for Wales, which will require the compulsory electronic reporting of sheep movements by livestock markets, abattoirs and collection centres from January 2016.

"Whilst sheep keepers will be encouraged to report moves electronically from January 2016 onwards, there will still be a paper-based license system to report movements via the new EIDCymru office for those who wish,” added Paul Williams.

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