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Fallen Stock Insights Guide Vaccination Advice

23 September 2015

UK – Lambs falling to pulpy kidney last year could have been saved if vaccination boosters had been given, results of a fallen stock survey suggest.

AHDB Beef and Lamb conducted a post mortem assessment on lambs that perished in the north of England last year, detecting a spike in the condition, blaming a change in diet altering gut flora.

AHDB advisers have suggested booster vaccinations to coincide with autumn could have spared losses as the effect of colostrum “waned”.

Dr Liz Genever, AHDB senior sheep and beef scientist, said: “If producers are keeping store lambs during this period, they should be vaccinated ahead of any anticipated adverse weather or other stressors such as moving. Lambs that are vaccinated when they are young, from one-month-old, may lose their immunity by the autumn if not given a booster around September.

“There is a clear need for this as lambs had been vaccinated according to the data sheet in only 12 per cent of the outbreaks monitored.

“These diseases can be prevented by the administration of appropriate vaccines and should be done as soon as possible.”

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