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Dolly the Sheep’s Home to Host ScotSheep Event 2016

18 August 2015

SCOTLAND – A southwest Scotland farm that hosted world's first cloned sheep will be the venue for ScotSheep next year.

Blythbank Farm, operated by the Campbell family of Glenrath Farms Ltd, near Penicuik, Edinburgh, will welcome the Scottish sheep industry on Wednesday 1 June 2016.

NSA Scottish Region Chairman, Sybil MacPherson said: “We are greatly indebted to the Campbell family for their willingness to host the NSA ScotSheep event, which is held every two years.

“With its historic links to the sheep industry, and the first class flocks of both pedigree and commercial sheep on the farm today, Blythbank will be an excellent venue for NSA ScotSheep.”

The Campbell farm, acquired from animal science research organisation, The Roslin Institute, in 2004 is also famous as being home to the first imported Texel sheep, brought over from Ireland in 1970.

The 1,300 acre operation runs 2,000 Scotch Mule ewes, 500 replacement Scotch Mule hoggs and 700 Blackface ewes, along with 200 Limousin cross Friesian and three quarter Limousin suckler cows. A small, ten cow herd of pure bred Charolais, to breed replacement bulls and a flock of 40 Texel ewes to breed tups also reside on the farm, as well as 320,000 free range laying hens, with all eggs going to major retailers.

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