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NFU Cymru Urges Retailers to Promote Welsh Lamb

21 May 2015

WALES, UK - Welsh farmers are urging retailers to give Welsh lamb pride of place on supermarket shelves after a successful lambing season.

Lamb producers across the country have seen a dramatic drop in the price of new season lamb.

Producers have been extremely concerned to see some of the UK’s major retailers continuing to source imported old season lamb in significant quantities at the expense of new season protected geographical indication (PGI) Welsh lamb.

NFU Cymru Deputy President John Davies, speaking at the National Sheep Association (NSA) Sheep event on 19 May, said, “As we enter this prime marketing period for our lamb I call on our retailers, our major customers, to back our industry and show their commitment to Welsh lamb.

NFU Cymru President John Davies

“We want to see PGI Welsh lamb proudly sold as such, not mixed or co-mingled on shelves with lamb that has travelled half way around the world. 

“We want to work with retailers to develop longer term relationships that give confidence to our farmers to invest in their sheep enterprises and will ensure a continued supply of the best lamb in the world.”

Mr Davies continued, “We will be closely monitoring the situation and, as we have done in recent years, we will not shy away from highlighting any retailer that is failing to show commitment to our lamb when it is in plentiful supply.

"Similarly where we see good practice with a retailer clearly backing PGI Welsh lamb and showing their support for Welsh farmers then we look forward to being able to shine a spotlight on them, I very much hope this will be the case.”

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