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New Artificial Insemination Lab at Indian Research Centre

06 May 2015

INDIA - A new artificial insemination laboratory has opened in Rajasthan to assist the Indian sheep industry in adopting modern techniques.

Rajasthan based Central Sheep & Wool Research Institute (CSWRI) will be welcoming farmers to take advantage of the new facility as part of Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR).

This was the message of K L M Phatak a director at the ICAR, who said the site will benefit sheep producers greatly in the future.  

Institute director, Dr Naqvi, said the benefit of artificial insemination will be first available to sheep farmers registered under the Maghara project and only farmers from this region will be targeted.

The centre’s department head, Dr A K Patel talked about efforts to develop artificial insemination (A.I.) laboratory and advanced equipment available. He added that a day-long sheep farmers' seminar on AI was organized for the Avikanagar campus.

At the launch, scientists from the institute lectured on A.I. methods of artificial insemination to sheep farmers. Sheep farmers also discussed their problems and asked queries to the scientist.

The Institute and its sub-stations have been working for enhancing the productivity of sheep and rabbits by applying scientific methods and developing new technologies.

The institute is working in scientific breeding, feeding and management practices for improving the production traits of Malpura, Marwari, Magra and Chokla sheep.

A prolific sheep from crossing of Malpura, Garole and Patanwadi breeds has been developed and its performance evaluation is ongoing under semiarid climate.

Some important technologies developed by the Institute are: intensive mutton production, complete feed block for scarcity feeding, artificial insemination, embryo transfer technology, indigenous sponges for estrus synchronization, area specific mineral mixture, cost effective worm control program, disease data information system for organized sheep and goat farms and wool hair blended woollen products and meat and meat products, as per the institute website.

Jagdish Kumar, Editor

Jagdish Kumar, Editor

Top image via Shutterstock