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Unravelling British wool: how the local and global are intertwined in the making of everyday products
Following incidents like the European horsemeat scandal and Rana Plaza building collapse, consumers have begun to demand more visibility and transparency within supply chains. But how easy is it to untangle where products like supermarket burgers or high...
Montana Fleece - America’s Finest
A chance meeting on a Montana ski lift was the beginning of an innovative new clothing company – Duckworth. When sheep rancher John Helle met outdoor clothing entrepreneur Robert Bernthal the idea to produce high quality performance clothing from Mr...
Provide Sheep With Adequate Care in Winter
Sheep are tolerant to cold weather with proper care....
Sufficient Food Vital for Functioning Ram Sperm
An animal biologist says poor nutrition results in genetic damage to sperm cells and lower sperm motility for rams, writes Geoff Vivian for Science Network Western Australia....
Changes in Health and Production Practices in the US Sheep Industry
New sheep operations are continually entering the market in the US as is the case with other livestock commodities, newer operations tend to be relatively small....
Breeding Programmes Needed to Eliminate Scrapie
An eradication policy for Classical Scrapie that relies only on the detection and culling of infected flocks and does not include breeding programmes for resistance is unlikely to succeed, according to experts on EFSA’s Panel on Biological Hazards....

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