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New Research: Lame Sheep Adjust Behavior to Cope with Condition
In the first study of its kind, published today in the Journal of the Royal Society Open Science, a team of experts from the School of Veterinary Medicine and Science at the University have been able to demonstrate the automated detection of lameness...
Study: Goat Milk Formula Could Benefit Infant Gut Health
A new laboratory study by RMIT, published in the British Journal of Nutrition, analysed two types of commercial goat milk formula, looking at oligosaccharides, a type of prebiotic that can boost the growth of beneficial bacteria and protect against harmful...
Ecologists report sighting rare wild goat species in Afghanistan
Based on field surveys in northern Afghanistan, Zalmai Moheb, an ecologist with the Wildlife Conservation Society's Afghanistan Program, with others, reported they have for the first time documented by direct observation the presence of two rare Asian...
Listening to Consumers to Maintain Agriculture’s Social Licence
Today it seems everyone has an opinion about how food should be grown, writes Angela Lovell....
After-Effects of UK Floods: Preventing Lameness and Fluke
While some sheep have been lost in the Cumbrian floods, those that have coped with flooded grazing and saturated land face the prospect of real health problems over the coming year, Dan Griffiths of Paragon Veterinary Group told Neil Ryder....
Knee Meniscus Fixed Using Revolutionary Stem Cell Procedure
A revolutionary new procedure that uses 3-D printing and the body’s stem cells is helping to regenerate knee meniscus, a tissue lining that acts as a natural cushion between the femur and tibia....

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