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Growing US Ethnic Market for Lamb and Goat
The demand for lamb and goat meat is on the rise in the US within the Ethnic market. Kids and goat of all ages in addition to lightweight lean lamb fetch premium rates. For producers interested in this market sector a shift in practice and marketing strategy...
Mongolia's Fledgling Meat Industry Seeks Export Expansion
Mongolia is a country with a vast territory and a very small population in northeast Asia sandwiched between Russia and China. The country’s major economic sector is a traditional nomadic livestock industry and it has been expanding significantly over...
Not Kidding About Goat Profit
Goatmeat is establishing as an industry in Australia and attracting the media after a $240 million export year in 2014. ...
Dakota Lamb Finishers Describe Operation and Move Indoors
A North Dakota lamb-feeding operation reacted to saturated fields by constructing sheds, in so doing boosting feed conversion and reducing death loss. ...
Finding Compounds that Determine Lamb Flavour
A study to determine the flavour of lamb found that it depends on the levels of volatile fatty acids on the surface as well as other complex chemical compounds....
Lamb: The Best Protein in the World
Lamb needs care and attention as a meat so consumers carry on coming back for more, says an award winning New Zealand producer. ...

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