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Earliest spread of millet agriculture outside China linked to herding livestock
5000 years before the modern rise of millet as a popular grain, this Chinese crop was spread far and wide by ancient food aficionados, not for their plates but instead for their animals, suggests new research from an international collaboration led by...
The simple truth behind sheepdog behaviour
Puzzled as to how one sheepdog can herd dozens of sheep, scientists investigated this remarkable feat using both computer models and experiments in the field....
Start Planning For Breeding Season: How to Check Your Ram
Sheep farmers should be thinking about assessing rams, evaluating eight different key areas, advises levy board Teagasc. ...
Sufficient Food Vital for Functioning Ram Sperm
An animal biologist says poor nutrition results in genetic damage to sperm cells and lower sperm motility for rams, writes Geoff Vivian for Science Network Western Australia....
Changes in Health and Production Practices in the US Sheep Industry
New sheep operations are continually entering the market in the US as is the case with other livestock commodities, newer operations tend to be relatively small....
Health and Management Practices on US Sheep Operations
Producers sometimes inadvertently bring disease onto their operations by adding new animals to their flock....

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