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Listening to Consumers to Maintain Agriculture’s Social Licence
Today it seems everyone has an opinion about how food should be grown, writes Angela Lovell....
After-Effects of UK Floods: Preventing Lameness and Fluke
While some sheep have been lost in the Cumbrian floods, those that have coped with flooded grazing and saturated land face the prospect of real health problems over the coming year, Dan Griffiths of Paragon Veterinary Group told Neil Ryder....
How Can We Value the Natural World?
Dr Bob Carling writes about the influential ideas of economist Nicholas Stern on the value that we place on biodiversity....
Meat Processor Turning Wastewater From Problem to Profit
Meat processors have a part to play in reducing emissions in the red meat sector. One unit in Eastern Australia has managed to cut emissions while reducing its energy bill by almost half. ...
Changes in Health and Production Practices in the US Sheep Industry
New sheep operations are continually entering the market in the US as is the case with other livestock commodities, newer operations tend to be relatively small....
US Dairy Goat Production
Dairy goat production in the US is an alternative livestock enterprise suitable for many small-scale or part-time livestock operations, according to the Penn State University Extension. Some dairy goat producers have been successful in pasteurizing goat...

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