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Understanding the socioeconomic impact of Foot and Mouth Disease control in Kenya
Foot and mouth disease (FMD) is a viral disease of cloven-hooved animals that causes lesions in the mouth and on the feet, alongside generalised illness. It affects cows, sheep, goats and pigs, and although they recover after a couple of weeks, it causes...
Population of rare Stone's sheep smaller than thought
Genetic analysis reveals misclassification of subspecies of thinhorn sheep and leads to a more accurate estimate....
Ecologists report sighting rare wild goat species in Afghanistan
Based on field surveys in northern Afghanistan, Zalmai Moheb, an ecologist with the Wildlife Conservation Society's Afghanistan Program, with others, reported they have for the first time documented by direct observation the presence of two rare Asian...
The Engine of UK Lamb Production
UK mule ewes’ role as the leading prime lamb source is being challenged. This popular crossbreed faces competition, writes John Wilkes....
Growing US Ethnic Market for Lamb and Goat
The demand for lamb and goat meat is on the rise in the US within the Ethnic market. Kids and goat of all ages in addition to lightweight lean lamb fetch premium rates. For producers interested in this market sector a shift in practice and marketing strategy...
TheSheepSite Blog: Autumn Madness
In her first blog for TheSheepSite, Luscious Lamb's Clare Smith describes the challenges and pleasures of sheep farming at this time of year....

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