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18 October 2016
Chief Veterinary Officer Highlights Official Vet Welfare Role
UK - The importance of the Official Veterinarian (OV) in safeguarding animal welfare and sharing best practice was highlighted in the address made by Nigel Gibbens, Chief Veterinary Officer,...
09 September 2016
Man Arrested After Sheep Worrying in Herefordshire
UK - West Mercia Police were called to reports of sheep worrying at a farm in Risbury, Leominster on Friday, 2 September 2016....
25 August 2016
Industry Meeting Highlights Lynx Proposal Concerns
UK - The economic, environmental and social consequences of releasing lynx into the UK countryside where highlighted at a National Sheep Association (NSA) meeting, held in partnership with the...
28 July 2016
Lynx Reintroduction Ideas Generate More Controversy
UK - Following the recent announcement by Lynx UK Trust that it has identified Kielder Forest as a suitable location for releasing lynx into the British countryside, the National Sheep Association...
08 July 2016
Sheep Association Rejects Invitation to Design Lynx Release Trial
UK - The National Sheep Association (NSA) wrote to the Lynx UK Trust recently rejecting an invitation to join its Project Advisory Group, which has been tasked with designing the pilot project...
15 June 2016
What is the Role of Welfare in Livestock Production?
UK - Moves for a total ban on the use of antibiotics in the treatment of animals need to be reined back and vets need to be allowed to use all means available to ensure animal health and welfare,...
17 May 2016
Vets Call for Unrestricted Access to Slaughterhouse CCTV
UK - The British Veterinary Association (BVA) and the Veterinary Public Health Association (VPHA) today re-iterated their call for mandatory CCTV in slaughterhouses and legislation to ensure...
21 April 2016
Police Appeal for Information After Hundreds of Cheviot Sheep Stolen
SCOTLAND, UK - Detectives at Dumfries and Galloway Division are continuing enquiries and appealing for information following the theft of 450 sheep from the Moffat area....
20 April 2016
Animal Welfare Concerns Linked to Proposed Lynx Introduction
UK - Following the release of a National Sheep Association (NSA) report on 'The wider consequences of the introduction of Eurasian lynx to the UK', farmers within the UK and further afield have...
18 April 2016
New Zealand Proposes New Animal Welfare Rules
NEW ZEALAND - The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) is seeking feedback on proposed regulations designed to take the next step in improving animal welfare in New Zealand....
14 April 2016
Police Issue Further Warnings After Dog Attacks on Sheep
UK - Another branch of the police, this time the Avon and Somerset Constabulary, has asked for dog owners to keep their pets on leads after two more attacks on sheep last week....
12 April 2016
France Launches Action on Animal Welfare
FRANCE - New animal welfare rules from France will aim to place welfare at the heart of the agriculture strategy, according to farming minister Stéphane Le Foll....
New Report Details Consequences of any Lynx Release in UK
UK - An industry roundtable discussion in London today (Friday 8th April) marked the release of a new report by the National Sheep Association (NSA) on 'The wider consequences of the introduction...
08 April 2016
Northern Ireland Council Launches Campaign Against Sheep Worrying
NORTHERN IRELAND, UK - A recent spate of dog attacks on livestock, particularly sheep, has resulted in a new campaign from Mid Ulster District Council to warn the public of the dangers of sheep...
31 March 2016
Police Appeal for Information After Lambs Used as Target Practice
UK - Police in Doncaster have issued a further appeal for information following a second shooting at a Doncaster farm, where six lambs were killed....
18 March 2016
Sussex Police Narrow Down Timeframe of 116 Sheep Deaths
UK - Police investigating the deaths of 116 sheep at West Dean, near Chichester, have narrowed down the time of the incident to a few hours on Monday, March 7....
17 March 2016
Irish Farmers Appeal to Dog Owners to Prevent Deadly Sheep Attacks
IRELAND - Following a horrific dog attack on sheep in County Carlow, IFA National Sheep Chairman John Lynskey has warned dog owners to keep their pets under control at all times as marauding...
10 March 2016
West Sussex Suffers UK's Worst Sheep-Worrying Incident in Living Memory
UK - More than one hundred sheep have died in the UK's worst sheep-worrying incident in living memory near Chichester in West Sussex....
23 February 2016
EU Animal Welfare Rules Need Better Enforcement Rather than New Legislation
EU - Reacting to EU Ministers talks on the setting up of a new EU animal welfare platform, Copa and Cogeca have highlighted the high welfare standards that exist in the EU and the need to ensure...
08 February 2016
Vets Disappointed with Lack of Policy on Stunning Before Slaughter
UK - The British Veterinary Association (BVA) has expressed its concern that almost two-thirds of food companies have no information on their commitment to stunning animals before slaughter –...
Joint Plea for Dog Owners to Act Responsibly Around Sheep
UK - With the traditional lambing season approaching and reports of dog attacks on sheep increasing, the National Sheep Association (NSA) and RSPCA have teamed up to urge dog owners to take extra...
27 January 2016
Sheep Trapped on Snowdonia Ledge Rescued in Blizzard
WALES, UK - A sheep trapped on a ledge on the side of Tryfan Mountain in the Ogwen Valley of Snowdonia has been rescued by the RSPCA....
26 January 2016
Police Investigate Cumbria Dog Attack on Sheep
UK - Police are investigating an incident of sheep worrying which has occurred on the sand dunes between Seascale and Drigg, in Cumbria....
07 December 2015
Concern Over Make-Up of Australian Animal Welfare Committee
AUSTRALIA - Farmers have expressed concern at the recently appointed Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (AWAC)....
18 November 2015
China to Develop Animal Welfare Standards
CHINA - Chinese veterinarians have started drafting the country's first welfare standard for the farming and slaughter of livestock and poultry, according to the Chinese Veterinary Medical Association...
17 November 2015
Livestock Threatened by Severe South African Drought
SOUTH AFRICA - Southern Africa is currently experiencing one of its most severe droughts in the past 20 years, with serious consequences for agriculture and animal welfare....
10 November 2015
Animal Welfare Research Receives Funding Boost
UK - A network is being set up that will foster collaboration within the UK animal welfare research community, and will receive over £100,000 in funding from BBSRC....
25 September 2015
Germany Setting New Standards in Animal Welfare Initiative
GERMANY - Germany is aiming to be in the vanguard in setting new standards for animal welfare across Europe....
22 September 2015
Monitoring Wellbeing of Animals through Precision Livestock Farming
ANALYSIS - The growth in size of livestock and poultry farms is demanding more dynamic methods to ensure the health, welfare and performance of the individual animals concerned....
16 September 2015
Guidelines Issued on Use of Antimicrobials in Veterinary Medicine
EU - The European Commission has published guidelines that aim to prevent the overuse and misuse of antibiotics by sharing best-practices in Member States....
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