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29 April 2016
How Much Water Does it Take to Produce Meat?
ANALYSIS - As the demand for meat grows around the world and production rises, the pressure on global water resources is also growing, writes Chris Harris....
30 March 2016
Industry Insights: Global Trends in Ag Equipment
ANALYSIS - While the underlying trend in agricultural equipment has been Tier 4 final solutions, a diversified customer base and a growing population's sustainable use of natural resources, specifically...
23 February 2016
El Niño Continues to Impact 2016 Weather Patterns
ANALYSIS - A two-year El Niño event has bad a strong influence on world weather, according to Art Douglas, PhD, Professor Emeritus at Creighton University, who recently presented the annual...
16 February 2016
Cumbrian Floods Caused Hundreds of Sheep Deaths, Survey Shows
UK - Farmers who suffered flood damage in the worst hit areas of Cumbria have responded to an industry led survey and the results are staggering....
29 January 2016
NFU Urges Government to Renew Efforts to get Aid to Flood-Hit Farms
UK - The National Farmers Union (NFU) is urging the Government to redouble its efforts to help farms still struggling with the deluge of water from Storm Desmond....
15 January 2016
Zimbabwean Sheep, Goat Farmers Destock as Drought Worsens
ZIMBABWE - Cattle producers in Zimbabwe are destocking as drought conditions bite into the beef industry, leading to an increase in the number of slaughtered animals, with the number of sheep...
12 January 2016
El Niño Impacts to Hit NZ Farmers for Months
NEW ZEALAND - Recent rain has been a welcome respite from ongoing dry weather conditions in much of the country, but farmers in drought-affected parts of New Zealand will continue to feel the...
30 December 2015
El Niño Lowers Early Production Outlook in Southern Africa
GLOBAL - Crop and livestock production prospects in Southern Africa have been weakened by the El Niño weather phenomenon that has lowered rains and increased temperatures....
15 December 2015
Breakthrough Climate Agreement Supports Food Security
GLOBAL - FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva welcomed the approval of the Paris Agreement on climate change, saying that "for the first time ever, food security features in a global...
14 December 2015
NZ Farmers Urged to Help Each Other in Dry El Niño Weather
NEW ZEALAND - Farming organisation Federated Farmers is encouraging drought affected farmers struggling due to the dry El Niño weather pattern to continue destocking as necessary, and to think...
11 December 2015
Government Issues Support to Flood Affected Farmers
UK - The UK's Farming Minister, George Eustice, has confirmed that support payments worth up to £20,000 will be available to farmers across Cumbria and North Lancashire who have been affected...
South Africa Faces Worst Drought in Thirty Years
SOUTH AFRICA - South Africa will be facing a disaster if it doesn’t rain by the end of December. Over the past year, El Niño has caused below average rainfall in many parts of the country,...
17 November 2015
Livestock Threatened by Severe South African Drought
SOUTH AFRICA - Southern Africa is currently experiencing one of its most severe droughts in the past 20 years, with serious consequences for agriculture and animal welfare....
08 September 2015
2015-16 El Niño Expected to be Strongest Since 1997-98
GLOBAL - A mature and strong El Niño is now present in the tropical Pacific Ocean and is likely to strengthen further. This year’s El Niño event is the strongest since 1997-1998 and is potentially...
23 April 2015
Scientists Unite to Make African Farming Work Long Term
GLOBAL - 23 African and European research partners will collaborate on a new long term research and innovation partnership, focussing on sustainable intensification of the agro-food system in...
27 March 2015
Water Management Crucial for Sustainable Food
GLOBAL - As people around the world celebrated World Water Day 2015 on Sunday 22 March, the United Nations released a new report predicting major water shortages of 40 per cent across the globe...
11 March 2015
Strengthening the Direct Link Between Small-Scale Farmers and Public Institutions
AFRICA - An innovative partnership spanning five African countries is providing important lessons on how governments can procure food for public institutions, such as schools, directly from small-scale...
05 March 2015
Surprise Flood Ruins 45,000 Hectares of Spanish Farmland
SPAIN – Floods in northern Spain have caused widespread destruction to crop and livestock farms totalling €50 million after continuous rain combined with an early thaw....
04 March 2015
Farms Forced to Close In Lake Tai Clean Up
CHINA – Measures to clean up China’s third biggest lake could force livestock and poultry farmers near Shanghai out of a livelihood....
13 February 2015
Government Offers Tax Relief for Drought-Affected Farmers
NEW ZEALAND - Revenue Minister Todd McClay has welcomed the Inland Revenue’s decision to exercise its income equalisation discretion to help provide relief for drought-affected farmers in the...
26 January 2015
Drought Triggers Insurance Payout in Sahel Ahead of Humanitarian Aid
SOUTH AFRICA - ARC Insurance Company Limited (ARC Ltd) is to pay $25 million in drought insurance claims to three countries in the Sahel this month....
28 November 2014
Irrigation Could Be Cut 90 Per Cent, Says Indian Minister
INDIA – India’s irrigation capacity will increase 90 per cent after rivers are “inter-linked”....
26 November 2014
Feeding Cactus Fruit Halves Livestock Water Needs
ARGENTINA – Huge water savings can be achieved by feeding goats, sheep and cattle with chopped cactus fruit, Argentinian farmers are hearing....
29 October 2014
Government Help Vital to Keep Dam Project Affordable
NEW ZEALAND - A New Zealand farm body is lobbying the government to support a new dam project in the south island’s northern district....
20 August 2014
Sheep Farming Best Bet for Profit, Australian Report Finds
AUSTRALIA – Producing lamb has a bright future but only if investment can be made....
01 August 2014
Is Red Meat Production Environmentally Sensitive?
ANALYSIS - Upland sheep farmers in the UK need to take the lead and work closely with environmental groups and authorities to ensure the maintenance of biodiversity and the ecology of the landscape....
29 July 2014
EU FAO Help Flood-Affected Serbian Farms Rebuild
SERBIA - The European Union is to join forces with the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations to help small-scale farmers in Serbia recover from the devastating floods that occurred...
14 July 2014
What Could Climate Change Mean for Agriculture?
GLOBAL – World agriculture must create short and long term adaptation strategies to cope with climate change accelerating the water cycle....
04 July 2014
Drought Drives Supply – When Will it End?
AUSTRALIA - The 2013-14 financial year will be remembered distinctly differently by northern and southern producers – a crippling drought for the north, while in contrast, southern producers...
18 June 2014
WORLD MEAT CONGRESS – Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Livestock
ANALYSIS - Livestock is producing 7.1 giga tonnes of greenhouse gases year – 14.5 per cent of the total human induce emissions, writes Chris Harris from the World Meat Congress in Beijing....
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