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05 September 2016
Non-UK Labour Crucial for Scottish Red Meat Sector
SCOTLAND, UK - Scotland’s farmers, crofters and meat processors have united to highlight the importance of non-UK labour to Scotland’s red meat sector....
04 August 2016
New US Food Safety Company Focuses on Analytics, Innovation
ANALYSIS – Passport Food Safety Solutions, Inc. announced its formation to provide an innovative “systems” approach to helping meat and poultry processors consistently meet increasingly...
07 June 2016
New Simplified Beef, Sheep Meat Inspection Conditions Introduced
UK - The roll out of a new list of post-mortem rejection conditions has begun in sheep and cattle abattoirs in England. ...
29 April 2016
How Much Water Does it Take to Produce Meat?
ANALYSIS - As the demand for meat grows around the world and production rises, the pressure on global water resources is also growing, writes Chris Harris....
16 March 2016
Industry Appetite Grows for Meat Quality Masterclass
UK - Meat industry professionals have been helping to improve their technical knowledge through an education programme delivered by AHDB Beef & Lamb. ...
08 March 2016
New Inspection Reporting to Improve Livestock Health
UK - The British meat and livestock sector is to establish new systems and protocols for reporting abattoir meat inspection results along the food chain....
07 March 2016
Assessing the Environmental Impact of Meat Production
EU – A new European project is being established to map, understand and reduce the environmental impact of packed fresh meat from beef, pork and lamb....
04 March 2016
American Meat Survey Reveals Shoppers' Preferences
US – Shoppers recognise the variety of nutrition benefits meat and poultry offer, and place a high value on convenience, variety and transparency when making purchasing decisions in the meat...
26 January 2016
New Research to Inform Australians on Lamb Cuts from Heavier Carcases
AUSTRALIA - Australia Day lamb connoisseurs will this week be treated to an array of never before seen cuts as innovative chefs and retailers design new recipes to showcase the flavours of our...
20 January 2016
New Videos Highlight Dangers of Dirty Livestock at Slaughter
UK - Producers are being reminded about the importance of ensuring livestock are clean when they are presented for slaughter in two videos produced by levy board AHDB Beef & Lamb....
26 November 2015
Irish Farmers Question Levy Burden
IRELAND - Irish Cattle and Sheep Farmers' Association (ICSA) president Patrick Kent has said that farmers can no longer carry the burden of levies deducted from livestock prices which are failing...
27 October 2015
WHO Finds Link Between Red, Processed Meat and Cancer
GLOBAL - A new study from the World Health Organization (WHO) has found links between eating red and processed meats with cancer. ...
09 October 2015
Steady Australia Middle East Exports See Saudi Buying Slip
AUSTRALIA – Sheepmeat exports to the Middle East are steady, with major declined in mutton shipments, particularly to Australia’s largest market, Saudi Arabia....
Global Agriculture Faces Decade of Flat or Falling Prices
GLOBAL - World Prices for food will remain flat or could fall over the next 10 years because of the current growth in agricultural production....
06 October 2015
Lamb Price Drops After Muslim Festival
UK – British lamb trade took a hit last week in the wake of the religious festival Eid-al-Adha. ...
05 October 2015
Australia Wool and Sheepmeat Survey Opens
AUSTRALIA – A producer survey to assist farms and industry bodies in making informed business decisions is collecting data this month....
Debate over Chinese Investment in New Zealand Beef and Lamb Giant
ANALYSIS - One of New Zealand leading beef and lamb companies, Silver Fern Farms, is set to form a 50:50 partnership with major Chinese meat processor Shanghai Maling....
30 September 2015
UK Government Pushes for More Local Food Labelling
UK - The government is calling on food producers and shops to give more information on labels about where in Britain their food comes from, as new research shows that almost 80 per cent of people...
16 September 2015
Guidelines Issued on Use of Antimicrobials in Veterinary Medicine
EU - The European Commission has published guidelines that aim to prevent the overuse and misuse of antibiotics by sharing best-practices in Member States....
26 August 2015
French Farmer Protests Add to Sheep Imports Slide
FRANCE – Road blockades and trade disruptions around Calais have exacerbated a general trend of declining sheep meat demand in France....
18 August 2015
Nomad Foods Expands Reach with Findus Sverige Acquisition
EUROPE - Nomad Foods Limited has announced that it plans to buy Findus Sverige AB and its subsidiaries for approximately £500 million. ...
India Sees Sharp Rise in Exports of Livestock Products
ANALYSIS - India has seen its exports of livestock products rise by more than 60 per cent over the last three years and now these products are playing an increasingly important role in the socio-economic...
10 August 2015
TV Chef Champions Scotch Lamb
SCOTLAND – There is “huge scope” for many more people to routinely enjoy Scotch lamb, said Greg Wallace, rallying shoppers at the height of the lamb season....
31 July 2015
Japan Buys More Australian Lamb
JAPAN – Lamb exports from Australia to Japan increased five per cent in the 2014/15 fiscal year, helped along by 16 per cent increase if frozen shipments....
17 July 2015
UK, Irish Lamb Market Stronger as Demand Improves
IRELAND - Irish Farmers Association (IFA) National Sheep Chairman John Lynskey has said the lamb trade is stronger, with tighter supplies and increased demand for Bastille Day and the end of...
Blue Light Can Inactivate Foodborne Pathogens
SINGAPORE - A team of scientists from the National University of Singapore (NUS) has found that blue light emitting diodes (LEDs) have a strong antibacterial effect on major foodborne pathogens....
08 July 2015
Who is Profiting from Lamb in the UK?
UK - As consumers welcome the fall in lamb prices recently, new figures show that while the retail price of lamb is lower in the spring of 2015, compared to the spring of 2014, it has not fallen...
03 July 2015
Abattoir Data Initiative to Save Australian Sheep Farms Millions
AUSTRALIA – Two new industry initiatives are expected to provide “valuable feedback” to producers to assist them make informed animal health and market specification decisions....
Acquisition of Elivia by Terrena and Dawn Meats Cleared
EU - The European Commission has approved under the EU Merger Regulation the acquisition of joint control over Elivia of France by QDB Holdings/Dawn Meats of Ireland and Terrena of France....
02 July 2015
Stop Lamb Price Cuts, Irish Factories Told
IRELAND – An Irish farmers’ group has called on lamb processors to stabilise the lamb market by stopping price cuts....
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