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17 November 2016
Canadian Groups Join to Form New National Sheep Network
CANADA – Sheep farmers in Alberta, Ontario and Quebec have formed a new partnership to continue to move the sheep industry in Canada forward....
14 November 2016
Medics Urge More Action on Antibiotics in Farming
UK - Fifteen of the UK's most senior medics have called on the government to tackle "routine misuse of antibiotics in UK farming", in a letter published in The Telegraph to mark the start of...
25 October 2016
EU Report Shows Importance of Sheep in Brexit Negotiations
EU - Having participated in a series of four sheep meat reflection group meetings in Brussels over the last 12 months, the National Sheep Association (NSA) welcomes the resulting report and recognises...
23 September 2016
Co-op Commits to 100 Per Cent British Lamb by May 2017
UK - UK retailer Co-op has extended its commitment to back UK farmers by pledging to sell only fresh bacon and lamb that is 100 per cent British by 1 May 2017....
22 September 2016
Will New Food Labelling Regulations Build Trust and Confidence?
ANALYSIS - The UK’s vote to leave the European Union could allow some flexibility in the way that new European food labelling regulations are implemented....
02 September 2016
New Tool Can Help Farmers Improve Productivity and Reduce Emissions
GLOBAL - A new and interactive tool from FAO allows farmers, policy makers and scientists to calculate meat, milk and eggs production as well as greenhouse-gas emissions from livestock to make...
25 August 2016
Industry Meeting Highlights Lynx Proposal Concerns
UK - The economic, environmental and social consequences of releasing lynx into the UK countryside where highlighted at a National Sheep Association (NSA) meeting, held in partnership with the...
16 August 2016
Lithuania Considers Tax Cut on Meat to Boost Demand
LITHUANIA - In a bid to lower the prices of meat and stimulate domestic demand, the Lithuanian government is considering reducing the value-added tax (VAT) on fresh and chilled meat....
15 August 2016
Consultation Opened on British Farming Post-Brexit
UK - The National Farmers Union (NFU) has opened its largest consultation in a generation, to find out what members think is needed from a future domestic agricultural policy for the British...
04 August 2016
National Trust Comments on Farm Financing Cause Debate
UK - Landscape protection charity the National Trust has said that in the wake of the Brexit vote, the subsidy system that supports farmers should be fundamentally changed....
01 August 2016
Farm Trespass Warning for Pokémon Go Players
UK - The new mobile app Pokémon Go has become contagious, capturing the public's imagination, but a specialist in real estate and agricultural law has warned that players could find themselves...
29 July 2016
UK Lamb Exports to America Move Closer
UK - The mission to get British lamb chops back onto American dinner plates has moved a step nearer, Farming Minister George Eustice announced at the National Sheep Event on Wednesday....
19 July 2016
Formal Complaints Over 'Fake' Supermarket Farm Branding
UK - The National Farmers Union (NFU) has written to formally complain to National Trading Standards Institute over the use of ‘fake’ farm branding by retailers on some food products....
08 July 2016
Sheep Association Rejects Invitation to Design Lynx Release Trial
UK - The National Sheep Association (NSA) wrote to the Lynx UK Trust recently rejecting an invitation to join its Project Advisory Group, which has been tasked with designing the pilot project...
07 July 2016
UK Meat Exports Face Challenges Following EU Exit Vote
ANALYSIS - The UK’s meat and livestock industry can expect more volatility in the wake of the referendum vote to leave the EU, writes Chris Harris....
05 July 2016
How Will Brexit Affect US Agriculture?
US - Britain’s departure from the European Union would have little direct effect on US agricultural trade, Purdue University agricultural economists have said....
04 July 2016
UK Farmers Call for Reassurance on EU Support Schemes
UK - National Farmers' Union President Meurig Raymond has written to EU Commissioner Phil Hogan calling for reassurance that schemes currently available to UK farmers remain open and in place...
01 July 2016
Australian Sheepmeat Industry Outlines Election Priorities
AUSTRALIA - Australia’s sheepmeat peak industry body, the Sheepmeat Council of Australia (SCA), has called on all political parties and independents to reaffirm their commitment to Australian...
27 June 2016
Research Looks Into Preventing Further Resistance to Dewormers
UK - Research recently published in the Journal of Preventative Veterinary Medicine looks at the quality of advice and how the uptake of best practice in relation to anthelmintic usage can be...
24 June 2016
Brexit Vote: Farming Industry Reaction
UK - The votes have been counted, and the UK has voted to leave the European Union. Here we will have all the reaction from food and farming organisations in the UK and beyond....
22 June 2016
EU Referendum: What Would Brexit Mean for Farming?
ANALYSIS – Since the referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU was announced, many stakeholders in agriculture from the UK and further afield have had a lot to say about whether the country...
16 June 2016
Brexit Will Have Negative Effects on Ireland's Agriculture Sector
IRELAND - Irish Farmers Association (IFA) President Joe Healy has warned that a British exit from the EU would be very damaging for the farming and food sector in Ireland. ...
23 May 2016
New Animal Breeding Rules Adopted at EU Council
EU - New rules on animal breeding were adopted at the meeting of the EU's agriculture ministers this week in Brussels, aimed at simplifying and harmonising the rules across the EU....
18 May 2016
Sainsbury's to Stock Only British Lamb from July
UK - One of the big four retailers, Sainsbury’s, has promised to stock its shelves with 100 per cent British lamb from the start of July....
17 May 2016
Ministers Lock Horns Over Brexit Impact on Sheep Industry
UK - Sheep farming and the British lamb industry would be under threat if the UK left the European Union, Environment Secretary Elizabeth Truss has warned, but Food and Farming Minister George...
12 May 2016
New European Collaboration to Work Towards Sustainable Agriculture
EU - A new research collaboration plans to quantify the sensitivity of ecosystems to environmental pressures in representative agriculturally dominated landscapes in Europe....
09 May 2016
USDA Gives $6 Million for Antimicrobial Resistance Research
US - The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has announced the availability of $6 million to fund research to address antimicrobial resistance (AMR). ...
20 April 2016
NFU Favours Remain Vote in Brexit Debate
UK - The National Farmers Union (NFU) has said that the interests of farmers would be best served by remaining in the EU after the referendum in June, based on current evidence....
Animal Welfare Concerns Linked to Proposed Lynx Introduction
UK - Following the release of a National Sheep Association (NSA) report on 'The wider consequences of the introduction of Eurasian lynx to the UK', farmers within the UK and further afield have...
EU Delegation Visits China, Japan to Promote Agri-Food Trade
EU - Phil Hogan, the EU's Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, is visiting China and Japan in the coming days accompanied by a business delegation of more than 60 senior European...
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