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07 April 2016
Sheep Lameness Video Series Launched
UK - Expert advice on all aspects of sheep lameness is now available at the touch of a button thanks to a new video series from AHDB Beef & Lamb....
03 February 2016
Economic Cost of NZ Pasture Weeds Larger Than Thought
NEW ZEALAND - New research shows the true cost of California thistle to be close to $700 million in lost pastoral farm revenue each year and also suggests that previous estimates of the cost...
22 October 2015
The Scoop on Poop – Why is Manure Important?
ANALYSIS - For years, livestock farmers have used manure as a fertilizer, soil amendment, energy source and even construction material....
05 October 2015
Grazing Sheep Are Copy Cats, Study Learns
FRANCE – Groups of sheep graze through dispersal and contraction phases, during which they mimic neighbouring animals, a French study of one hundred Merino sheep has found....
25 September 2015
Wetland Improvements Benefit More than Livestock
SCOTLAND – Soil improvements are allowing Caithness and Strathspey livestock farmers to become much more than simply guardians of their sheep and cattle....
23 September 2015
Target 14 MJ of Energy Per Day for Prime Lambs
UK – Reasonable daily liveweight gain expectations of 200 grams mean lambs weighing 35 kilos need 14MJ of energy per day, nutritionists are advising....
18 September 2015
Scientists Strive to Con Protective Shell off Parasites
NEW ZEALAND – A new foray into parasite control will see New Zealand researchers try to stimulate larvae into shedding their protective skin to then die before becoming ingested....
02 September 2015
Unravel Liver Fluke By Preventing Mud Snail Contamination
ANALYSIS – Ground could be gained in the battle against the hugely complex liver fluke parasite by focusing on a specific link in its life cycle, leading experts are suggesting....
27 August 2015
UAVs Are Not Just for Crop Farmers
US - Brett Haas, co-owner of Crop Copter, said while they started their UAV company with crop farmers in mind, they see a lot of interest and application for livestock farmers. ...
23 July 2015
Breakthrough Means Mexicans Can Inject Against Deadly Parasite
MEXICO – Mexican livestock producers concerned about liver fluke now have a water soluble injectable drug at their disposal....
10 July 2015
Beating Upland Rushes Starts at the Soil
UK – Controlling farm rushes in the uplands can be achieved by analysing soils and non-chemical approaches, Scottish farmers heard last week....
26 June 2015
Stewardship Graziers Given Poisonous Plant Warning
UK – Upland farmers have been told to discuss grazing arrangements with their Natural England officer on account of rising prevalence of a poisonous plant....
08 June 2015
Falling Mineral Levels Should Prompt Grass Testing
UK – Grass is the best source of affordable minerals for sheep but a trend for falling forage mineral levels mean graziers should test pasture....
27 May 2015
Tackle Rushes on Farms, Crofts With Scotland's Rural College
SCOTLAND, UK - Two study farms monitoring non-chemical rush control will host workshops for farmers keen on finding out more about maximising their grazing. ...
24 April 2015
Environmental Pasture Management Yields More Grass
SPAIN - Regenerative management practices to improve soil health and plant diversity could also lead to up to 14 per cent improvements in grass yield....
23 April 2015
Leatherjackets Dwindle After Two Bumper Years
UK, SCOTLAND – Farmers should remain watchful for Leatherjackets despite numbers crashing, advises the SRUC after its latest survey....
10 April 2015
Spring Timing Impacts Nematodirus Threat to Lambs
ANALYSIS – An early spring generally means later lambing flocks escape the parasite challenge of nematodirus, says the latest NADIS parasite forecast....
02 March 2015
Australian Goat Industry Continues to Grow
AUSTRALIA - Over the past 20 years the Australian goat meat industry has continued to grow, largely underpinned by the sale of goats derived from rangeland or extensive production systems....
26 February 2015
Think Twice About Creep Feed
UK – Creep feeding will not improve performance if high quality grass is available, say levy board researchers....
16 February 2015
Sustainability Help For Beef and Sheep Farmers
NEW ZEALAND - Seventy sheep and beef farmers from around the country are gathering in Wellington this week to equip themselves with the skills and knowledge they need to negotiate sustainable...
Thistle Eating Beetle Highly Rated For Control
NEW ZEALAND – Graziers could have an insect on their side in the battle against one of New Zealand’s “worst agricultural weeds”....
10 February 2015
Goat and Sheep Farming High on Indian Agenda
INDIA - A national partnership is striving to strengthen sheep and goat production to benefit poor and marginal families relying on the industries. ...
29 January 2015
Legume Varieties Surpisingly Drought Tolerant
AUSTRALIA – Australian graziers could have new legume varieties to help get them through drier weather....
27 January 2015
Spanish Farmer Outcry over Oil and Fertiliser 'Paradox'
SPAIN – Spanish producers are questioning more expensive fertiliser given the fact that fuel is cheaper, highlighting a 46 per cent crude oil price drop last year....
12 January 2015
New Stamp of Approval for Pasture Meat
UK - A new certification mark for meat that comes from animals that only eat pasture and never any cereal feeds, was launched at the Oxford Real Farming Conference....
29 December 2014
Practical Tips to Help Livestock Farmers Turn over New Leaf in 2015
UK - It’s that time of year when everyone starts thinking about making New Year’s resolutions and turning over a new leaf....
10 December 2014
Exclusion Fencing Allows Higher Stocking Rates
AUSTRALIA – A Queensland couple have increased stocking rates by 50 per cent by simply erecting fencing around their entire holding....
27 November 2014
New App Simplifies Flock Management
AUSTRALIA – Millions of dollars of research has been put in woolgrowers’ hands by a new flock management App....
26 September 2014
Abundance of Upland Provides Sustainable Grazing Sector
ANALYSIS - Scotland's extensive upland and hill grazing means ruminant production is a sustainable sector, but this does not mean sheep and cattle farmers have it easy. ...
23 September 2014
Autumn's Time to Address Soil Compaction
EBLEX - Autumn is usually the best time to use aerators or sward lifters, giving the soil and roots time to recover before spring. However, an assessment of soil structure is essential to justify...
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