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30 November 2016
Regenerative Grazing Improves Soil Health and Plant Biodiversity
SPAIN - Regenerative grazing practices improve soil quality and pasture diversity, as the Spain-based European LIFE Regen Farming project, due to end this year, has been able to show....
24 November 2016
Finland Creates Animal Protein Feed From Biogas
FINLAND - The Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT) has developed a solution for converting even small sources of methane-rich biogas into raw materials for animal feed or bioplastic on...
12 August 2016
Head Partitions Reduce Stress in Goats During Feeding
AUSTRIA - Competition in the goat pen is especially high during feeding time, leading to increased stress, which new research from the Institute of Animal Husbandry and Welfare at Vetmeduni Vienna...
18 May 2016
Could Sheep Be Fed on Waste Paper?
COLOMBIA - A new project at the University of Colombia is looking at feeding waste paper to ruminants, as part of an effort to ensure availability of animal feed in times of poor weather....
26 February 2016
Robot Hill Farmer Starts Weeding Trials in Peak District
UK - A new robot, which will drive itself around steep grassland dairy and sheep farms identifying and destroying weeds, has begun fully autonomous trials in the Peak District....
09 February 2016
EU Crop Sowing Figures Good News for Animal Producers
EU - New Copa and Cogeca figures show good EU cereals plantings this year due to favourable weather conditions, but grain prices remain low whilst the EU rapeseed harvest is expected to be down,...
03 February 2016
Economic Cost of NZ Pasture Weeds Larger Than Thought
NEW ZEALAND - New research shows the true cost of California thistle to be close to $700 million in lost pastoral farm revenue each year and also suggests that previous estimates of the cost...
08 January 2016
Reducing Competition Between Livestock and Humans for Food
ANALYSIS - Reducing the amount of animal feed grown on crop land could have a positive effect on the availability of food and have a positive environmental impact by cutting greenhouse gas emissions....
09 December 2015
Most Nitrogen Lost from Grassland Not a Climate Concern
IRELAND - Newly published research into soil processes discovers that over half the nitrogen applied to grazed grassland soils in temperate regions was lost as environmentally benign di-nitrogen...
13 November 2015
Welsh Farmers Told to Promote Grass-Based Sheep Meat
WALES, UK - Delegates at a recent NFU Cymru meeting were told that grass-based produce could be promoted more, and that Welsh lamb quality should be emphasised to consumers....
12 November 2015
How Can Grazing Systems Produce Livestock Sustainably?
ANALYSIS - Ruminant production has a vital role to play in global food security....
05 November 2015
Sheep Producers Warned Of Low Protein Silages
UK - SAC Consulting is warning that a significant proportion of beef and sheep will be severely short of protein with major consequences on performance....
30 October 2015
EU Parliament Rejects National Bans on GM Feed
EU - The European Parliament has comprehensively rejected a European Commission plan to allow individual member states to ban genetically modified food or feed on their territories....
Corn Residue a Good Option for Supplemental Feed
US - Corn (maize) residue left over from harvest can be a great option for livestock producers wanting to extend the grazing season, but producers should watch out that cattle do not eat too...
19 October 2015
How do Crude Oil Prices Affect Livestock Feed Prices?
GLOBAL - The global livestock and aquaculture feed market prices are becoming more and more dependent on the movement of the Brent crude oil market....
13 October 2015
Could Insects be Used for Animal Feed?
EU - Interest is growing in the potential benefits of using insects in food and animal feed, but what would be the risks from production, processing and consumption of this alternative source...
06 October 2015
World Grain Yield to Fall Short of Last Year’s Record
GLOBAL – Overall grain production for the 2015/16 year will contract one per cent, largely due to lower maize production, predicts the International Grains Council....
09 September 2015
National Bans on GM Food, Feed Imports Rejected
EU - The agriculture committee rejected the European Commission's draft law that would give member states the power to restrict or prohibit the use of EU-approved GM food or feed on their territory....
07 September 2015
Nutreco Renames Animal Nutrition Research Division, Doubles Investment
NETHERLANDS - Nutreco announces that its global animal nutrition research centres will be renamed to Trouw Nutrition R&D. This change is part of the strengthening of its global animal nutrition...
27 August 2015
UAVs Are Not Just for Crop Farmers
US - Brett Haas, co-owner of Crop Copter, said while they started their UAV company with crop farmers in mind, they see a lot of interest and application for livestock farmers. ...
20 August 2015
Agritechnica Is Coming to Germany in November 2015
GERMANY - Agritechnica 2015, which takes place from 10 to 14 November, is fast-approaching. Taking place in Hannover, Germany, this year’s show is aptly titled: ‘People, Technology, Innovation...
19 August 2015
New Pea Variety Could Help Livestock, Poultry Protein Intake
UK - Scientists at the John Innes Centre have developed peas that will help animals absorb more protein from their diet. ...
06 August 2015
Livestock Experts Honoured at Animal Science Awards
US - Livestock experts were honoured recently for their professional achievements by the American Feed Industry Association and American Society of Animal Science (ASAS)....
05 August 2015
Grim Forage Picture for Northerners
UK – Beef and sheep farmers across Scotland and Northern England should be analysing silage to flag up problems ahead of winter, according to leading UK livestock experts....
30 July 2015
Cover in Times of Crisis: Cover Crops
US - Fickle weather and volatile markets could be reason to grow cover crops, according to Colorado rancher, Andrew Schafer....
10 July 2015
Alltech Acquires Norwegian Agriculture and Aquaculture Companies
NORWAY - Alltech is expanding its European operations with acquisitions of two Norwegian companies with experience in the Norwegian agriculture and aquaculture industries....
06 July 2015
Southern African Drought Hammers Livestock Producers
AFRICA - Poultry and red meat producers in Southern Africa are bracing for a steep rise in feed costs after drought conditions affected South Africa, the biggest grain producer in the region....
01 July 2015
Sharing Knowledge of Animal Nutrition Can Help Bridge Productivity Gap
NETHERLANDS - Gaining new insights into animal nutrition and sharing this knowledge with others can help to bridge the global food gap. ...
24 June 2015
New Trans Fats Ban will not Apply to Animal Food
US - The US Food and Drug Administration released the final determination that partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs) are not generally recognized as safe, or GRAS, for use in human food. However,...
15 June 2015
Canada Set for Tighter Winter Wheat Supplies
CANADA - Winter Cereals Canada expects tighter than average supplies of fall seeded cereal crops this year as a result of reduced plantings last fall and potential losses from frost that hit...
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