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24 November 2016
Finland Creates Animal Protein Feed From Biogas
FINLAND - The Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT) has developed a solution for converting even small sources of methane-rich biogas into raw materials for animal feed or bioplastic on...
28 October 2016
Agriculture Key to Curbing Greenhouse Gas Emissions
GLOBAL - The pledge to eradicate hunger and poverty must go hand in hand with rapid transformations of farming and food systems to cope with a warmer world, the UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation...
27 October 2016
Collaborative Approach to Reduce Food Waste from Farm to Consumer
UK - There needs to be greater collaboration between farmers, retailers and processors to reduce food waste along the supply chain, writes Chris Harris....
20 October 2016
EU Sheep Forum Outcomes Welcomed
IRELAND - Irish Farmers Association (IFA) Sheep Chairman John Lynskey has welcomed the recommendations made by the EU Sheepmeat Forum for strong CAP support for sheep producers, including a proposal...
15 September 2016
Importance of Antibiotic Resistance in Farming Stressed Ahead of UN Event
GLOBAL - Good farm hygiene and animal health practices can greatly reduce the need to use antimicrobial medicines, the UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation said in its new Action Plan on Antimicrobial...
14 September 2016
Farmland Wildlife in Decline, but Union Says Intensification Not to Blame
UK - Over one in ten species assessed are under threat of disappearing altogether in the UK, according to a new 'State of Nature' report published by a number of organisations, including the...
04 August 2016
New US Food Safety Company Focuses on Analytics, Innovation
ANALYSIS – Passport Food Safety Solutions, Inc. announced its formation to provide an innovative “systems” approach to helping meat and poultry processors consistently meet increasingly...
01 August 2016
Report Highlights Role of Sheep in Maintaining Uplands
UK - The National Sheep Association (NSA) has released a special report to raise awareness of the "complex jigsaw" of public services provided by sheep farming in hill and upland areas....
28 July 2016
Lynx Reintroduction Ideas Generate More Controversy
UK - Following the recent announcement by Lynx UK Trust that it has identified Kielder Forest as a suitable location for releasing lynx into the British countryside, the National Sheep Association...
25 July 2016
Only Half of Consumers Aware of Food Waste Problem
US - Even though American consumers throw away about 80 billion pounds of food a year, only about half are aware that food waste is a problem. ...
10 June 2016
Livestock’s Contributions to Climate Change: Facts and Fiction
ANALYSIS - As the November 2015 Global Climate Change Conference COP21 concluded in Paris, 196 countries reached agreement on the reduction of fossil fuel use and emissions in the production...
11 May 2016
USDA Provides $16 Million for Sustainable Agriculture Research
US - The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has awarded $16.5 million in grants to support research into methods for boosting agriculture productivity and ensuring food security in the face...
26 April 2016
Agriculture 'Crucial' for Fighting Climate Change
GLOBAL - In addition to reducing poverty and hunger, agriculture can play a crucial role in making the response to climate change responsible and more effective, Maria-Helena Semedo, FAO Deputy...
21 April 2016
Report Urging Consumers to Eat Less Meat for Planet "Riddled with Flaws"
GLOBAL - A new report from the World Resources Institute has urged consumers to reduce their consumption of meat and dairy products to help the environment, but the meat industry has hit back...
20 April 2016
Animal Welfare Concerns Linked to Proposed Lynx Introduction
UK - Following the release of a National Sheep Association (NSA) report on 'The wider consequences of the introduction of Eurasian lynx to the UK', farmers within the UK and further afield have...
13 April 2016
Reducing Food Waste Could Help Mitigate Climate Change
GERMANY - About a tenth of overall global greenhouse-gas emissions from agriculture could be traced back to food waste by mid-century, a new study shows....
12 April 2016
New Report Details Consequences of any Lynx Release in UK
UK - An industry roundtable discussion in London today (Friday 8th April) marked the release of a new report by the National Sheep Association (NSA) on 'The wider consequences of the introduction...
05 April 2016
Canada Funding More Research to Reduce Farm Greenhouse Gases
CANADA - The Government of Canada is investing $27 million to help producers find ways to mitigate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from their farming operations, Agriculture and Agri-Food Minister...
04 April 2016
Improving Farming Boosts Peace Efforts
GLOBAL - Improving food security can help build sustainable peace and even ward off looming conflict, FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva told members of the United Nations Security...
30 March 2016
Industry Insights: Global Trends in Ag Equipment
ANALYSIS - While the underlying trend in agricultural equipment has been Tier 4 final solutions, a diversified customer base and a growing population's sustainable use of natural resources, specifically...
24 March 2016
Creativity in Agriculture Needed to Meet Hunger Goals
GLOBAL - The international community needs to find new and innovative ways of working together if it is to meet the goals laid out in the UN's new Sustainable Development Agenda, FAO Director-General...
22 March 2016
New EU Regulation to Boost Use of Fertiliser from Farm Waste
EU - The EU Commission has proposed a Regulation which will significantly ease the access of organic and waste-based fertilisers to the EU single market, bringing them on a level playing field...
Livestock Industry Can Deliver Food Whilst Reducing Emissions
GLOBAL - Scientists have found that the global livestock sector can maintain the economic and social benefits it delivers while significantly reducing emissions, and in doing so help meet the...
11 March 2016
Thriving Sheep Sector "Important for Environment"
WALES, UK - “We cannot over-emphasise the importance of a thriving sheep sector,” said NFU Cymru Deputy President, John Davies to those present at a recent NFU Cymru Livestock board meeting....
09 March 2016
Technology Could Take Agriculture Halfway to Climate Targets
EU - Unless greenhouse gas emissions from food consumption are reduced substantially, EU climate targets will not be met, according to a new study from Swedish researchers. ...
07 March 2016
Assessing the Environmental Impact of Meat Production
EU – A new European project is being established to map, understand and reduce the environmental impact of packed fresh meat from beef, pork and lamb....
16 February 2016
Cumbrian Floods Caused Hundreds of Sheep Deaths, Survey Shows
UK - Farmers who suffered flood damage in the worst hit areas of Cumbria have responded to an industry led survey and the results are staggering....
15 February 2016
EU, Colombia to Increase Trade in Organic Products
EU & COLOMBIA - The Government of Colombia and the European Commission announced today the start of negotiations towards a bilateral agreement on trade in organic products between the European...
12 February 2016
Farmers Warned to Dispose of Plastic Waste Carefully or Risk Huge Fines
UK - Farmers should be careful to dispose of their waste plastic in accordance with the law or risk huge fines, following the conviction of a business in Oxfordshire....
28 January 2016
Mounting Evidence Suggests Early Farming Prevented Global Cooling
GLOBAL - A new analysis of ice-core climate data, archeological evidence and ancient pollen samples strongly suggests that agriculture by humans 7,000 years ago likely slowed a natural cooling...
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