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07 January 2016
OFC: Research Investment to Make British Agriculture More Competitive
UK - The British government is to focus more investment on research into animal and plant health research in a bid to make British agriculture more competitive....
31 December 2015
World Population Growth to Support EU Meat Exports Over Next Decade
EU - The EU has published a medium-term Agricultural Outlook for the years up to 2025....
30 December 2015
El Niño Lowers Early Production Outlook in Southern Africa
GLOBAL - Crop and livestock production prospects in Southern Africa have been weakened by the El Niño weather phenomenon that has lowered rains and increased temperatures....
21 December 2015
FAI Farms: Practicing Sustainable Farming for 10+ Years
ANALYSIS - One commercial farming operation in the UK that doesn't think sustainability is a hot topic that will come and go - it's been working to develop sustainable farming practices for more...
18 December 2015
Union Calls for Better Retailer Support for Scottish Farming
SCOTLAND, UK - NFU Scotland is calling on all UK retailers to commit to getting behind Scottish farmers, address supply chain issues and ensure food producers share in the rewards as well as...
17 December 2015
Livestock Rustling a Serious Problem in Northern Ireland
NORTHERN IRELAND, UK - Livestock theft in Northern Ireland has become increasingly problematic in recent years, however tackling it remains a difficult issue. Melanie Jenkins reports....
14 December 2015
Police Officers Put Sheep Theft Training into Practice
UK - Sixteen police officers have received expert advice from farmers to help clamp down on livestock theft, as part of a pioneering new specialist training scheme....
11 December 2015
Government Issues Support to Flood Affected Farmers
UK - The UK's Farming Minister, George Eustice, has confirmed that support payments worth up to £20,000 will be available to farmers across Cumbria and North Lancashire who have been affected...
South Africa Faces Worst Drought in Thirty Years
SOUTH AFRICA - South Africa will be facing a disaster if it doesn’t rain by the end of December. Over the past year, El Niño has caused below average rainfall in many parts of the country,...
10 December 2015
New Zealand Lamb Crop at 60-Year Low
NEW ZEALAND - Beef + Lamb New Zealand’s Lamb Crop 2015 report estimates 23.9 million lambs were tailed this spring – the smallest lamb crop since 1953....
09 December 2015
China to Help Africa Modernise Agriculture
CHINA - The Chinese President, Xi Jinping, has announced that China is starting major operations to help people in Africa modernise agriculture, among other cooperation projects....
07 December 2015
EU Agri-Food Exports at Record Level
EU - After a slow-down in August, the value of EU agri-food exports has resumed the positive trend (+13 per cent), as monthly exports in September exceeded imports by €2 billion. ...
04 December 2015
West Country Lamb Hits Italian Supermarkets
UK - West Country Lamb bearing the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) banner has made a breakthrough in the Italian market....
03 December 2015
Sheep Sector Prospects Looking Up in 2016
IRELAND - Overall family farm incomes are down 9 per cent in 2015, according to analysis by economists from Teagasc in their annual review of the performance of the agriculture sector....
30 November 2015
Thousands of British Farmers to Receive BPS Payments on 1st Dec
UK - The Government's Rural Payments Agency (RPA) has announced that around 30,000 farmers are set to receive their 2015 Basic Payment Scheme payments on Tuesday 1 December....
26 November 2015
Irish Farmers Question Levy Burden
IRELAND - Irish Cattle and Sheep Farmers' Association (ICSA) president Patrick Kent has said that farmers can no longer carry the burden of levies deducted from livestock prices which are failing...
Defra Budgets Cut, but Ag Research Protected
UK - The UK's Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) will be enacting administration budget reductions of 26 per cent by 2019-20, announced as part of the Chancellor's spending...
16 November 2015
EU Agricultural Exports Increase in Value
EU - EU agri-food exports to third countries increased in value by more than 6 per cent compared to the preceding 12-month period, according to annual data....
11 November 2015
New Protocols to be Set for UK Beef and Lamb Exports to US
ANALYSIS - Establishing sanitary protocols for the whole of the UK will be the key to re-establishing exports for both beef and lamb to the US....
09 November 2015
Adverse Weather Pushes Food Prices Up in October
GLOBAL - Major food commodity prices rose in October, spurred by weather-driven concerns about sugar and palm oil supplies....
04 November 2015
Census Figures Offer Insight into Scottish Livestock Trends
SCOTLAND, UK - The results of the Scottish Government’s June 2015 Agricultural Census give an important insight into livestock number trends and potential impact on the market, according to...
03 November 2015
How Can Volatility be Managed on the Farm?
ANALYSIS - One of the biggest threats and challenges to farmers today is the volatility of the market....
30 October 2015
China Needs Cold Chain Improvement to Meet Food Demand
CHINA - The new railway from Chongqing to Rotterdam provides exciting new opportunities for European producers to meet Chinese food demand, but improvement of cold chains to ensure perishable...
23 October 2015
Feed Grain Markets Grow in a Shrinking World
ANALYSIS - Stable and, in some cases, even higher stocks and favourable harvests of maize, wheat and other cereals offer livestock producers the prospect of stable feed prices in the coming year,...
20 October 2015
Germany Gets Lion's Share of EU Farm Aid Package
EU - The main elements of the €500 million aid package for EU farmers have now been published in the Official Journal, with Germany receiving the largest allocation, followed by France and...
08 October 2015
We Need €20 Per Ewe Payment, Demand Irish Farmers
IRELAND – Higher levels of direct payments should be coupled to active sheep farmers, farm chiefs have told an agriculture committee this week....
05 October 2015
Debate over Chinese Investment in New Zealand Beef and Lamb Giant
ANALYSIS - One of New Zealand leading beef and lamb companies, Silver Fern Farms, is set to form a 50:50 partnership with major Chinese meat processor Shanghai Maling....
10 September 2015
UK Food Export Value Falls
UK - The value of UK food and non-alcoholic drink exports has dropped, reaching a total of £6bn in the first six months of the year – a fall of 5.3 per cent on the same period in 2014....
25 August 2015
New Zealand Lamb Prices “Well Below” 2014 Levels
NEW ZEALAND – Issues on the demand side of the market have pushed New Zealand lamb down 54 cents per kilo on this time last year....
18 August 2015
Nomad Foods Expands Reach with Findus Sverige Acquisition
EUROPE - Nomad Foods Limited has announced that it plans to buy Findus Sverige AB and its subsidiaries for approximately £500 million. ...
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