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18 September 2014
Teagasc Sheep Open Day
IRELAND - Irish sheep farmers this week attended an open day at the Teagasc sheep research centre in Athenry, County Galway....
15 September 2014
Joining Solar Farms to Livestock Production
UK - New guidelines have been published to show the best practice for coupling conventional agriculture and ground-mounted solar electricity generation....
28 August 2014
Weaning and Stocking Rates Key to Irish Profits Last Year
IRELAND – Higher weaning and stocking rates are the main difference between profit and loss, a study of Ireland’s lowland sheep sector has found....
05 August 2014
Creating New Vision for Lamb Production
ANALYSIS - A new vision for British lamb production with greater efficiencies along the supply chain has been proposed by the three major sheep meat market promotion bodies in the UK....
01 August 2014
Is Red Meat Production Environmentally Sensitive?
ANALYSIS - Upland sheep farmers in the UK need to take the lead and work closely with environmental groups and authorities to ensure the maintenance of biodiversity and the ecology of the landscape....
31 July 2014
Farmers at Risk as Emergency Funds Dry Up
SOUTH SUDAN - Shortage of funds is putting at risk continued efforts to provide farmers, fishers and pastoralists in South Sudan with life-saving emergency livelihood kits. ...
29 July 2014
Yearbook Highlights Strong Year for Sheep Meat Exports
UK - Volume and value of UK sheep meat exports performed strongly again last year, according to the AHDB/EBLEX Cattle and Sheep Yearbook 2014....
Red Tape on Livestock Inspections Reviewed
UK - The British National Farmers' Union has been selected by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) as one of two trade association and business representative groups to lead...
EU FAO Help Flood-Affected Serbian Farms Rebuild
SERBIA - The European Union is to join forces with the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations to help small-scale farmers in Serbia recover from the devastating floods that occurred...
23 July 2014
New Zealand Farmers Hit Back over British Protests
NEW ZEALAND - New Zealand sheep farmers have hit out at protests by British farmers over the promotion of New Zealand lamb by the supermarket chain Tesco....
14 July 2014
OECD and FAO See Lower Farm Prices
GLOBAL - Cereals are still at the core of what people eat, but diets are becoming higher in protein, fats and sugar in many parts of the world as incomes rise and urbanisation increases, with...
08 July 2014
EU Expects Good Cereal Harvest Increased Meat Milk Production
EU - The prospects for 2014 indicate an above average EU cereal harvest for the second year in a row and record level of cereal exports for marketing year 2013/14, according to the Commission's...
07 July 2014
Australian Mutton Exports Reach New Highs
AUSTRALIA - Australian mutton exports reached a record 183,232 tonnes for the 2013-14 fiscal year – an increase of 27 per cent year-on-year and 59 per cent on the five-year average....
Irish Farmers Criticise Cut in Lamb Prices
IRELAND - Irish sheep farmers have hit out at new cuts in the prices being offered by processors....
04 July 2014
Funding for Flock Expansion
US - A new opportunity for sheep producers looking to expand their flocks is now available through the National Livestock Producers Association’s (NLPA) Sheep and Goat Fund Committee....
03 July 2014
Better Farm Sheep Open Day
IRELAND - Flock performance, lamb performance genetics and grassland management will be the central topics at the Teagasc Better Farm Sheep open day next week....
27 June 2014
Charolais Cheese Protected Designation of Origin
EU - The European Commission has approved the application for registration of the name "Charolais" as a protected designation of origin (PDO)....
13 May 2014
What Korean FTA Means for Australian Sheep Meat Industry
AUSTRALIA - The announcement of Australia’s FTA with Korea was readily welcomed by Australia’s agricultural sector, particularly the beef industry – seen as the ‘big winner’ in the...
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