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26 April 2016
Tips for Managing Lactating Ewes
UK - Feeding the ewe appropriately in lactation is crucial. Not having enough feed to meet a ewe’s increasing requirements can lead to higher lamb losses due to starvation, poor growth rates...
06 May 2015
Ewe Milk Could Be 'New Frontier' for New Zealand
NEW ZEALAND – A surge of enthusiasm for sheep dairying has given rise to questions over whether ewe milk could be a ‘new frontier’ for New Zealand agriculture....
24 April 2015
Environmental Pasture Management Yields More Grass
SPAIN - Regenerative management practices to improve soil health and plant diversity could also lead to up to 14 per cent improvements in grass yield....
15 April 2015
Vaccination Cost Effective Against Contagious Agalactia
GREECE - Vaccinating sheep against contagious agalactia (CA) is highly cost effective in Greek dairy flocks, according to research presented by George Valergakis at the British Society of Animal...
14 April 2015
Reducing Lameness in Sheep
UK - Lameness remains a key problem on many sheep farms in the UK, despite the Farm Animal Welfare Council’s challenge to the industry to reduce the national incidence of lameness from 10 per...
10 February 2015
How Will India Address Food Production Challenges?
INDIA - Animal proteins are having a growing presence on the dinner plate in India and many seminars and discussions are being held on meeting this need....
29 December 2014
Practical Tips to Help Livestock Farmers Turn over New Leaf in 2015
UK - It’s that time of year when everyone starts thinking about making New Year’s resolutions and turning over a new leaf....
17 September 2014
Growing Concerns over Liver Fluke Impact
ANALYSIS - Changing climates and higher rainfall in the UK are seeing the spread of parasitic pest that are costing the beef, dairy and lamb sectors millions of pounds each year....
15 September 2014
Joining Solar Farms to Livestock Production
UK - New guidelines have been published to show the best practice for coupling conventional agriculture and ground-mounted solar electricity generation....
04 September 2014
Breeding Soundness Test for Better Lambing, Kidding Seasons
US - Breeding soundness exams for rams and bucks can take the guessing out of choosing fertile sires as fall breeding season is here, according to a Purdue Extension specialist....
27 August 2014
Australian RSPCA Calls for Mandatory Reporting of Animal Cruelty
AUSTRALIA - The RSPCA in Australia is calling for legislative change to introduce mandatory reporting of animal cruelty by those who, by virtue of their job, are expected to have an understanding...
18 August 2014
Blue Tongue in Macedonia
MACEDONIA - A total of 21 outbreaks of blue tongue disease have been recorded in the republic of Macedonia....
01 August 2014
Is Red Meat Production Environmentally Sensitive?
ANALYSIS - Upland sheep farmers in the UK need to take the lead and work closely with environmental groups and authorities to ensure the maintenance of biodiversity and the ecology of the landscape....
31 July 2014
Some Progress on Climate Change Impacts Made by UK Agriculture
UK - Improvements made in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the UK in terms of soil nitrogen balance and artificial fertiliser use over the last decade are shown in a new report from Defra. ...
Farmers at Risk as Emergency Funds Dry Up
SOUTH SUDAN - Shortage of funds is putting at risk continued efforts to provide farmers, fishers and pastoralists in South Sudan with life-saving emergency livelihood kits. ...
28 July 2014
Water and Genetics Help For Upland Peruvian Farmers
PERU – An ambitious programme to improve Peruvian farm profitability through bovine genetic improvement has been announced by the Ministry of Agriculture....
25 July 2014
Visitors Flock to Irish Sheep Dog Trials
IRELAND - A total of 5,000 visitors were expected to ‘flock’ to Burt, Co. Donegal this week to attend the 2014 Irish National Sheep Dog Trials....
24 July 2014
Redesigned Claw for Better Sheep Goat Milking
UK - UK milking equipment manufacturer, Fullwood Limited, has announced the launch of a new sheep and goat milking claw which offers improved efficiencies for high level milking parlours....
14 July 2014
OECD and FAO See Lower Farm Prices
GLOBAL - Cereals are still at the core of what people eat, but diets are becoming higher in protein, fats and sugar in many parts of the world as incomes rise and urbanisation increases, with...
10 July 2014
Somerset Dairy Sheep Farmer Wins NSA Prize
UK - With most of its members running sheep for meat production, it made a change from the norm when the National Sheep Association (NSA) gave away a top prize to a member running a sheep milking...
08 July 2014
EU Expects Good Cereal Harvest Increased Meat Milk Production
EU - The prospects for 2014 indicate an above average EU cereal harvest for the second year in a row and record level of cereal exports for marketing year 2013/14, according to the Commission's...
03 July 2014
Better Farm Sheep Open Day
IRELAND - Flock performance, lamb performance genetics and grassland management will be the central topics at the Teagasc Better Farm Sheep open day next week....
Minister Welcomes Increased Exports at Opening of Livestock Event
UK - The prospects for food and farming in the UK are promising with export markets opening up and global demand for food rising....
27 June 2014
Charolais Cheese Protected Designation of Origin
EU - The European Commission has approved the application for registration of the name "Charolais" as a protected designation of origin (PDO)....

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