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Beef + Lamb New Zealand Sheep Award Finalists Announced

15 July 2014

NEW ZEALAND - The finalists have been announced for the third Beef + Lamb New Zealand (B+LNZ) Sheep Industry Awards.

About 300 people are expected to attend the awards dinner – which recognise top-performing New Zealand sheep breeders – on 6 August in Napier.

Five industry-related awards will be presented. In addition to the Sheep Industry Trainer of the Year, Individual or Business Making a Significant Contribution to the New Zealand Sheep Industry and the Sheep Industry Innovation Award, two new awards have been added: the Sheep Industry Science Award, recognising a project, business or person undertaking science that is having a positive impact on farming now, and the Sheep Industry Supplier Award, which recognises a farmer supplier nominated by processors for consistently meeting company specifications and other key performance indicators.

Alongside these awards are the highly anticipated genetics-related awards. These which are calculated based on breeders’ performance in SIL-ACE (Advanced Central Evaluation) – the large-scale, across flock and breed genetic evaluation of about 300 ram breeding flocks.

Based purely on genetic merit, awards are presented to the top flocks in six categories: terminal, dual purpose, high performance, dual purpose plus meat, dual purpose plus worm FEC, and dual purpose plus facial eczema.

The 2014 finalists have just been announced. They are:

Blackdale sheep industry supplier of the year

  • Dave & Kay Stanley (Rawiri Farm Trust)
  • Mark & Rachel, Sam & Karl Zino (Zino Holdings Ltd)
  • Horizon Farming Ltd
  • Martina & Shaun Lawlor
  • Bill & Sue Garland (Rahiri Farm)
  • Landcorp Wairio (Grant McGhie, Manager)

Focus Genetics sheep industry science award

  • Massey University
  • Neville Jopson
  • Paul Kenyon

PrimaryITO sheep industry trainer of the year

  • Taratahi Agricultural Training Centre
  • Waipaoa Station Training Trust
  • Smedley Station and Cadet Training Farm

Farmlands individual or business making a significant contribution to the New Zealand sheep industry

  • Leon Black
  • Steve Wyn-Harris
  • Roger Marshall

Allflex sheep industry innovation award

  • Matt & Lynley Wyeth
  • Andy Ramsden
  • AbacusBio Ltd

Alliance Group gold terminal sire award for lamb growth and meat yield

  • Mount Linton Station, Mount Linton Suftex
  • Focus Genetics, Kepler Supreme
  • Kelso, Kelso Tutu Totara Ranger

Telford gold dual purpose award for reproduction, lamb growth plus adult size and wool production

  • Twin Farm, Twin Farm TEFRom
  • Nithdale Station, Nithdale Romney
  • Blackdale Stud, Blackdale Coopworth

2014 Beef + Lamb New Zealand Sheep Industry Genetic Trait Awards – Finalists

SIL-ACE terminal sire for lamb growth

  • A Clifton, Te Kawa Poll Dorset
  • Mount Linton Station, Mount Linton Suftex
  • Kelso, Kelso Tutu Totara Ranger

SIL-ACE terminal sire for meat yield

  • Focus Genetics, Huirimu Supreme
  • Focus Genetics, Kepler Supreme
  • Focus Genetics, Waikite Texel

SIL-ACE dual purpose for reproduction

  • Mount Guardian, Mount Guardian Perendale
  • Edward Dinger, MNCC Coopworth
  • Nithdale Station, Nithdale Romney

SIL-ACE dual purpose for growth (lamb growth & adult size)

  • Blackdale Stud, Blackdale Coopworth
  • Ashgrove, Ashgrove Coopworth
  • Twin Farm, Twin Farm TEFRom

SIL-ACE dual purpose for internal parasite resistance

  • Mike McElrea, Gowan Braes Perendale
  • Nithdale Station, Nithdale Romney

SIL-ACE dual purpose for facial eczema tolerance

  • Hinenui Genetics, Hinenui Coopworth
  • Steve Wyn-Harris, Marlow Coopworth
  • Focus Genetics, Waihora Romney

Primary Wool Cooperative dual purpose for wool

  • Blackdale Stud, Blackdale Coopworth
  • Edward Dinger, MNCC Coopworth
  •  Emily & Sam Welch & Kate Broadbent, Nikau Coopworth

Progressive Meat dual purpose for meat yield

  • Newhaven Farms, Newhaven Perendale
  • Mike McElrea, Gowan Braes Perendale
  • Twin Farm, Twin Farm TEFRom

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