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Sheep and Goat Model to Tighten Up Colombian Health, Productivity

04 March 2015

COLOMBIA – Farm leaders are singling out the Caribbean coast in their implementation of sheep and goat husbandry management document, intended to drive sanitation and production in Colombia.

The departments of Cesar and La Gujira have been prioritised for a drive in production by the Columbian Institute of Agriculture (ICA). They lie in a region boasting 70 per cent of the country’s 1.115 million head goat herd.

A production model, aimed at addressing sanitary and health concerns, entitled Good Farming Practices of goat and sheep sector is being supported by the Agrarian bank.

Workshops are discussing the scope of the project to producers, particularly health issues, financing, marketing and eligibility.

Health regulations are a main discussion point for the ICA, whose sanitary and phytosanitary deputy said: “We signed a draft resolution for good practices that will be placed on public consultation to receive comments and feedback from the community.”

The spokesperson expressed a need for a culture of land registration and noted the current export opportunities with neighbouring countries.

He said genetic material from outside will improve Colombian stock.


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