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Vaccine For Intestinal Cyst Could Break Disease Cycle

24 February 2015

ARGENTINA – A parasitic zoonosis has a workable vaccine which could spare losses on South American sheep operations, according to the results of a vaccine trial.

Scientists have evaluated a vaccine for cystic echinococcosis in sheep for nine years after first administering in 2006 and reported positive results after a series of autopsies.

The condition is caused by a worm and is zoonotic, affecting several species, including humans.

The Ibero-American Agency for the Dissemination of Science and Technology says that vaccinating sheep for could break a problematic disease cycle between commercial flocks and dogs in rural areas.

Also known as hydatid disease, the condition produces intestinal cysts, often in the liver. In South America, the issue has built up around sheep farms, due to the tradition of keeping dogs and the practice of feeding entrails of fallen stock, creating a “cycle of disease”.

Baseline prevalence in humans has fallen over recent years but the agency states levels in dogs and sheep have remained endemic.


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