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React to Weather and Bolster Fly Monitoring

18 February 2015
Meat & Livestock Australia

AUSTRALIA – If you’ve had mild conditions after summer rain, then it’s time to step up fly and worm monitoring, Australia shepherds are being told.

Meat and Livestock Australia says three steps might be worthwhile following:

  • Don't guess the level of worm activity – monitor it with Worm Egg Counts (WECs)
  • Test drench effectiveness – using drenches to which worms are resistant looks effective (the animals appear to respond), but relief is short lived and worms reappear rapidly and more severely.
  • Use proven tools to help – Drench Decision Guides, and seek professional advice if you are uncertain or have resistance issues. There is a Drench Decision Guide for each WormBoss region that will assist your decision on whether to drench now, which drench to use and when to WormTest again.

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