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Mild Autumn Puts Store Lambs At Risk

10 December 2014

UK – Acute and severe cases of scour are likely in winter grazing store lambs and replacement ewes, even at this late stage in the year.

Shepherds are being told to monitor faeces in stock on pasture in light of high roundworm larvae numbers brought on by a dry September and a mild, wet October and November.

The National Animal Disease and Information Service (NADIS) has warned of “usually high” roundworm numbers representing a threat late in the year.

December could bring cases of Trichostrongylosis, with the worry that farmers are not used to drenching this late in the year, NADIS said in its latest parasite forecast.

“We may still be seeing quite acute and severe episodes of roundworms, even this late in the year,” said Peers Davies, veterinary surgeon.

“Shepherds need to maintain their vigilance and continue to monitor with pool faecal egg counts and treat when appropriate.”

Meanwhile, NADIS gauged liver fluke risk at “low” for England and Wales and “moderate” for Scotland.

This means many holdings can delay treatment until January, he added.

Timely adulticide treatment in the spring would kill adults, reducing likelihood of high infection levels next year.

However, he stressed the importance of tailoring fluke control plans to specific holdings with a veterinarian.      

Image courtesy of NADIS          

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Michael Priestley

Michael Priestley
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