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EBLEX BRP Makes Big Impact on Sheep Breeding Businesses

08 July 2014

UK - Sheep breeders have declared that Signet and the Better Returns Programme (BRP) have made a ‘big impact’ on their businesses, in response to a survey carried out by EBLEX.

The survey, which was sent to Signet clients in England, was undertaken to help the English beef and lamb levy organisation monitor and improve its service delivery.

Findings reveal that 95% of those who responded think that commercial interest in performance recorded stock has increased in the last ten years, and almost all of those feel that this is due to the work of the BRP.

Respondents indicated that the availability of Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) is an important asset to the industry, with over 50% saying that over half of their buyers ask for EBVs, and although this varied by region and breed, 80% of breeders surveyed said that this had increased since the introduction of the BRP.

Over 90% of those who took part in the survey said that performance recording enabled them to either sell more rams, generate a premium for their rams or create a price differential for the very best.

Breeders also clearly know where to find the latest information, with 75% of people saying that they use the Signet website ( and all of them finding it useful or very useful.

EBLEX breeding services manager, Samuel Boon, said: “It is encouraging to hear that the BRP is having a positive influence on breeding improvement within the sheep sector.

“The findings of this survey are extremely helpful in enabling us to build on the aspects of the BRP that levy payers find useful.”

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