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Brits Told to Make More From Mutton

01 December 2014

UK – A promotion drive, launching today, is looking to invigorate sales and consumption of mutton.

The National Sheep Association is urging consumers to “make more of mutton”, kicking off its programme at the Royal Welsh Winter FAIR AT Builth Well today and tomorrow (2 December).

The project, hoping to turn the clock on fifty years of mutton neglect, is jointly organised between the National Sheep Association and the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts.

They aim to support the meat supply chain in making mutton available to all.

Summing up mutton’s demise, the NSA said: “Having suffered for over 50 years from a combination of changed fashions, some poor wartime folk-memories, and busy modern life styles, this once lauded gem of British cookery is now starting to recover some of its lost ground, finding new enthusiasts in restaurants and homes across the UK.”

Once “more popular than beef”, mutton almost disappeared, when ten years ago the industry responded with the Mutton Renaissance Club.

At the time, mutton was pressured by lower sheep numbers and subsequent market distortion as prices lifted, the NSA explained.

“It is only now, with a more stable sheep population, that it has been thought sensible to encourage new enthusiasts for quality mutton from production through to the consumers.”

“Quality is the key to a satisfying mutton meal,” said Mutton processor and retailer, Bob Kennard. “It depends on having the right quality of animal to begin with and then ensuring it is treated properly at every stage along the supply line.”

Joining the partnership, Mr Kennard said the initiative aims for a “first rate eating experience”.

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