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New App Makes Finding Suitable Rams Easier

11 November 2014

NEW ZEALAND – Sheep farmers looking for Ram breeders can now search for the ideal sire on a new smartphone app.

“Flockfinder” allows farmers to carry out searches for rams along breed, geographic, flock name or owner name lines.

Using the ‘powerful’ SIL genetic engine, animal performance and genetic evaluations are calculated, according to Beef and Lamb New Zealand, developers of the tool.

According to stock agent Graham Sidey of PGG Wrightson Genetics, “Flockfinder” is already proving useful.

"It's fantastic. I got a call from a client the other day and they were looking for a particular composite cross," said Mr Sidey.

"I looked up the app and found exactly the information they were after.”

He added that the number of different crosses available in rams means the tool is ‘great’ for the industry.

"It's like an online phonebook or contacts list,” said consultant Jansen Travis of AgPartners.

“It will be great when making decisions around breeding objectives – identifying who is active in that field and might be of interest, whether that be breed, geographical area or attributes recorded for."

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