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Direct Selling and Cooking For Strong Lamb Sales

16 October 2014

US – The tip to being a good lamb salesman is selling your own product and knowing how to cook it, says a farmers and retailer.

A huge part in gaining custom for one Oregon farmer is allowing chef’s and consumers to try it for themselves.

Dan Wilson of SuDan Farm in Canby, Oregon directly markets wool, around 1,200 lambs per year and pastured poultry and eggs at farmer’s markets.

“I’ve been saying it for a long time, and I also believe that if you have a producer who also knows how to cook lamb, well, then you’ve really got yourself a lamb salesman,” said Mr Wilson in an interview with Sheep Industry News.

Working with his wife Susie, a master spinner and wool knitter, Mr Wilson sells 70 per cent of his lamb to customers at farmers markets, with the rest going to restaurants in the region.

“Actually, the chefs in those fine restaurants mostly come to us through the farmers’ markets,” Mr Wilson added.

“They taste our lamb, and they want it on their menus. It’s a great way to do business--get your lamb out there where consumers can sample it. If you know how to cook it, success will find you.”

While acknowledging the time and effort demanded from marketing your own lamb, he sees it as invaluable.

“You have to enjoy dealing with the public, which we do,” he said. “But the public is the key – as producers, we have to get lamb on the dinner plates of consumers and let them see how good it is.”

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