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Imported $2000 Footrot Fine Prompts Territory Warning

09 October 2014

AUSTRALIA – A reminder has been issued to South Australia sheep farmers of the dangers posed by a footrot case traced back to sheep introduced to territory.

A farmer pleaded guilty in Adelaide Magistrates Court to introducing animals with a notifiable condition into the state after disease was discovered in November last year.

Biosecurity South Australia has warned that footrot is a contagious bacterial disease capable of causing ‘significant economic damage’ to businesses.

Farmers take footrot very seriously in South Australia, according to Dr Roger Paskin Chief veterinary officer for the territory.

He added: "The South Australian sheep industry can be justifiably proud of the very low prevalence of virulent footrot in the State’s flocks and if everyone remains vigilant and checks any lame sheep and reports any suspicions of footrot, we can keep it this way.

"Sheep owners have a responsibility under the Livestock Act 1997 to report any suspicion of disease to an inspector by the quickest practicable means.

"It is an offence to transport or to offer footrot infected sheep for sale at a market."

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