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Versatile Lamb Good For Family Table and Special Menus

07 October 2014

UK – Lamb meat’s versatility has been highlighted to family homes and the foodservice sector this week with encouragement to use the meat in simple family cooking and special menu dishes.

A celebrity endorsement from celebrity mum Stacy Solomon and a ‘lamb specials’ folder have been the latest promotional initiatives from red meat levy board EBLEX.

Indian keema lamb recipes can work with English favourites, says celebrity mum Stacy Solomon

Showcasing 17 cost-effective lamb cuts as part of EBLEX’s ‘festival of lamb’ campaign, the specials portfolio will be distributed across retailers and processors under the Quality Standard Mark.

This is to inspire people to make more from domestically produced lamb.

Teaming up with chef Nisha Katona, Mrs Solomon is promoting lamb mince to make keema, an Indian dish cooked with spices, onion, garlic, tomatoes, fresh chillies and peas.

They stress the versatility of keema, suggesting using it in Shepherd’s Pie, adding it to pasta or on Jacket Potatoes.

“Cooking something different that you know the kids will love is a massive challenge,” said Mrs Solomon.

“My kids love all the different options so I’m able to provide something different each week and there’s nothing to it.”

EBLEX foodservice project manager Hugh Judd insisted that lamb, a great protein, must be supported by a trustworthy supply chain.

He said “As well as providing customers with a variety of appealing menu options, it’s more important than ever for caterers to source lamb responsibly.

“QSM lamb is assured from farm-to-plate, enabling operators to provide total product integrity to their customers.”


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