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Texel Shearling Leads Kelso Ram Sale at £35,000

16 September 2014

SCOTLAND - Terminal sires peaked at a record £35,000 for a Texel shearling with strong trade reported by crossing breeds at Kelso’s annual ram sale, held on Friday.

Grand total for the day was over £2.922 million with an average ram price of £684.17 across 4,271 marketed rams.

As well as Peter and Lynn Gray of Scrogton Head leading the pack with their son of Foyle View Superstar and Cambwell Regal was a £9,000 call for Messrs Redhead and Watson’s shearling tup, sold to Paul Slater, Macclesfield.

Top lamb price was achieved by a Blue Faced Leicester for £8,500, with next best going to Mr G McDonald, Auchengray with the hammer down at £1,900.

Strongest average price across Suffolk shearlings and lambs went to Lilburn Estates Farming. 14 shearlings sold to an average of £1,153.57 and eight lambs averaged $1,037.

A good day for Border Leicesters was capped by Neil Howie, Lyham, shearling at £1,900. He also managed £1,350 and £1,200 (for the reserve champion).

The Society of Border Leicester Sheep Breeders commented: “Overall, a very encouraging sale with a keen interest from our Halfbred breeders.”


Highest sale price for the day was for a Texel shearling at £35,000 to Mrs L Gray, Cowgrove. This topped 965 shearlings overall averaging £856.09, grossing £826,130 over the day.

A total of 79 Texel lambs made £41,690 averaging £572.72 topping at £2,200 for J B Renwick and Sons, The Hagg.

Bluefaced Leicester

Averaging £867.44, 508 shearlings made £440,660 peaking at £6,000 for C and D Hall, Lilyburn.

Top lamb price went to Messrs J Wight and Sons, Midlock at £8,500, the highest lamb sold on the day, which led 26 lambs averaging £1.081.54.


Beltex sales grossed £73,930 across 111 animals with the top shearling managing £2,000 from Elizabeth McAllister, Parkgate Road, Artnagullion above an average price of £666.04 for the class.

Three lambs were marketed averaging £466.67, led by Mr S Wood, Woolhillock, Woodies at £500.


Shearlings topped at £1,600 for Messrs A Gray and Son, Langside Farm. Overall, 22 animals averaged £403.18 grossing £8,870.

Three lambs made £1,140 led by a £520 lamb by Mr E J Cresswell, Casons Farm Cottage.


Prices peaked at £4,500 for a shearling from Redhead and Watson, Bowsden Moor. Overall 353 shearlings made £265,360 at £751.73 average.

The lamb class sold 290 head averaging £497.72. Highest bid went for a J Douglas Woodhead of Cairness lamb at £3,800.

Michael Priestley

Michael Priestley
News Team - Editor

Mainly production and market stories on ruminants sector. Works closely with sustainability consultants at FAI Farms.

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