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Scot Wins World Champion Sheepdog Trial at Tain

11 September 2014

SCOTLAND – A Scotsman has secured the World Champion 2014 sheepdog trial, winning on home soil on Saturday.

Michael Shearer (pictured) was crowned champion at Tain in the Highlands alongside his dog Bob after securing 691 points and 74.5 merit points, beating Welshman Kevin Evans by nine points.

The International Sheepdog Trials website described the run, which proved unbeatable after being the first in the final.

"First gather - two whistles early, Bob went up well. Good lift and caught the fetch. They lost 20 on the first outrun, had a clean lift and lost 29 on the fetch.

"Michael flanked Bob around the sheep after the gates, he took the look back, gave him a flank command and Bob started out well.

"The sheep were moving and a bit unsettled at the top when Bob set off on the second outrun. After the lift, an ok line back, got the fetch. They lost 30 on the second outrun, 18 on the lift and 23 on the fetch.

"The first packet had drifted to the bottom left-hand corner of the field and the shepherd on duty pushed them back towards the course.

"They caught the first drive and got the second drive. They looked a bit low on second half of the cross drive but got it and had an ok turn with a good line back to the ring, losing 33 points.

"In the ring they shed off a good bunch quickly, and then easily whittled it down to the five collared ewes, losing 6 marks."

Englishman Ricky Hutchinson placed third with Sweep who was penalised for losing ewes at the fetch, going on to lose 20 ewes at the first drive.

Three of the finalists, Michael Shearer, Kevin Evans and Mosse Magnusson ran two dogs.

One woman made the final, Dutch competitor Susanne Lejuez.

Picture courtesy of Lisa Soar

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