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Good Supply of Lamb Continues, Prices Edge Higher in Ireland

04 August 2014

UK – Throughput at plants and market remained good across Northern Ireland last week with most lambs at the upper end of the quote.

Quotes for R3 lambs ranged from 350-360 p per kilo for the 12,887 lambs brought to slaughter, according to the Livestock and Meat Commission for Northern Ireland weekly bulletin.

Deadweight lambs slipped 1.5 p per kilo on the previous week in Northern Ireland, with prices in the Republic of Ireland (ROI) ‘recovering slightly’ to 350.5 p per kilo.

Great Britain processors observed an 11.2 pence per kilo increase to 404 p per kilo.

Liveweight markets were described as ‘similar’ to the prior week with ‘good numbers’.

Omagh reported 855 lambs at 329-348 p per kilo - almost 400 more lambs and a penny higher than last week.

Higher throughput was reported at Saintfield (1,114) but for a lower price bracket of 315-360 p per kilo.

Rathfriland lambs managed 315-368 p per kilo at a 324 pence average. This was lower than 342 pence last week.

Cull ewe trade was ‘quieter’ with top prices between £80 and $90.

Direct slaughter exports to ROI accounted for 35 per cent of sheep from Northern Ireland compared to 48 per cent last year.

Over 7,100 sheep were exported to ROI, the highest figure since late March.


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