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2015's Top Features on TheSheepSite

29 December 2015

Click the links below to read some of this year's most popular features on TheSheepSite, including some tips for producers, and interesting insights into life on sheep farms.

1. When Should You Wean Lambs? Advice Before and After 

Sheep farmers should make the decision to wean lambs based on ewe body condition, feed availability and lamb growth rates.

2. Tell Me About Starting a Llama or Alpaca Farm 

Choosing to keep llamas or alpacas should not come before seeing how others in the industry do it first, say American advisers to people considering the animals in the US. 

3. Start Planning For Breeding Season: How to Check Your Ram

Sheep farmers should be thinking about assessing rams, evaluating eight different key areas, advises levy board Teagasc. 

4. What is Genomics? A Sheep Perspective

Genomics is a rapidly expanding field within livestock agriculture and sheep farmers can now benefit. But what can we select for and what is the difference between genomics and genetics? 

5. Lamb Nutrition Research Could Lead to Improved Survival Rate 

Research on the effects of body condition score and level of protein supply on ewe and lamb performance could lead to improved lamb survival rates and financial benefits for farmers.

6. Dakota Lamb Finishers Describe Operation and Move Indoors

A North Dakota lamb-feeding operation reacted to saturated fields by constructing sheds, in so doing boosting feed conversion and reducing death loss.

7. How to Provide Protein for Ewes in Late Pregnancy

Protein requirements of sheep can be met without using a costly feed, suggest news finding from the English Beef and Lamb Executive (EBLEX). 

8. Should I Creep Feed Lambs?

Don't creep feed if grass is good enough - you don't see the benefits. 

9. TheSheepSite Blog: Autumn Madness

In her first blog for TheSheepSite, Luscious Lamb's Clare Smith describes the challenges and pleasures of sheep farming at this time of year. 

10. Sheep Grazing in Grain Rotation Brings Economic and Ecological Benefits

A family in Washington State has worked sheep grazing into its wheat production system that is environmentally beneficial and makes a profit. 

Alice Mitchell

Alice Mitchell
News Team - Editor



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