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British Lamb Week to Address Price Discontent

21 August 2015

UK – The first week of September will see the UK sheep industry champion British lamb after a summer of deepening frustration over lamb prices.

The strategically placed promotion, running from September 1-7, coincides when the market typically sees strong late summer lamb supplies.

The initiative has received full support from the National Sheep Association, which has given five consumers five reasons to buy British lamb, to be displayed on a poster.

Five Reasons

  1. Variety of cuts make it flexible, from traditional roasts to spicy dishes
  2. Buying British lamb supports farm business to maintain the landscapes we love
  3. Sheep maintain biodiversity, stopping land becoming overgrown
  4. With around 60 per cent of UK farmland suitable for grass, sheep are a sustainable way of converting farmland into edible protein.
  5. Food safety – Red Tractor, Welsh Lamb, Scotch Lamb, Quality Standard Mark England and Farm Assured Northern Ireland are all logos indicative of independent inspection

Several organisations are already promoting lamb and red meat, with some seasonal campaigns now in full swing, the NSA noted.


Red Tractor is “gearing up” for a major promotion drive in the autumn.

Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) are continually working with butchers and retailers to promote lamb cuts, communicating with consumers about how best to prepare red meat.

UK and France

“Lamb, Tasty. Easy. Fun.” is a recent campaign seeing UK, Irish and French food and farming boards join forces.


Quality Meat Scotland’s “Wham Bam Lamb” campaign follows on from last year’s success in 2014 and “Love Scotch Lamb Weekend” is planned for the 5 and 6 September.

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Farm Quality Assured


Meat Promotion Wales (HCC) launched an autumn marketing campaign recently. Mobile kitchens will be visiting retailers across Wales and nearby regions.


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