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Now is the Time to Test Wormers

04 August 2015

UK – August is the best time of year to work out what the resistance profile is like on many farms.

Veterinary surgeon Peers Davies recommends two different approaches to work out which products are working and which anthelmintic drenches are losing efficacy.

In this month’s National Animal Disease Information (NADIS) forecast, the University of Nottingham lecturer said there are two ways of checking for resistance.

“There is the FECRT and post drench test, the FECRT is more accurate and covers a small group of lambs but the cruder post drench test is easier to undertake across a larger group of lambs but is less accurate.”

  • Faecal Egg Count Reduction Test – Precise weighing and measurement of a small group of lambs
  • Post Drench test – “cruder”, works across more lambs, simple, less accurate

“Whichever approach you take, the results are very valuable and I would urge producers to work with veterinary surgeons on this or consult the SCOPs guidelines.”

Sustainable Control of Parasites (SCOPS) guidelines on detecting anthelmintic resistance can be accessed here

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